Morality does not come from God

At least that’s what Jack Hudson has finally admitted.

All morality starts with a set of facts about the world one believes to be true.

Surely, being a creationist, Jack is attempting to make a false equivalence between his faith and the objective determination of what is known to be true via science, but let’s ignore that old rhetoric. He has actually acknowledged (even though he probably still doesn’t get it) that morality is derived from internal perceptions of the world, predicated on the notion that internal consistency is worthwhile. That’s one reason religion remains so strong: it often is not internally consistent, but it is consistent over large spans of time (until secular morality takes over, such as when slavery was rebuked throughout various times and places in history). This consistency is a viable substitute for reasoned consistency, something to which secular ethical theories lay primary claim.

Thought of the day

I mean. This response to Maloney. It’s epic.