Thought of the day

It’s genuinely surprising how much conservatives hate the student loan portion of the new health care law. All it does is remove the middle-man: big companies that give loans have only been able to do so with the backing of the federal government; now those big companies are being removed from the picture (unless they can handle it themselves).

Scratch that. The new law makes complete sense. That’s why conservatives hate it.

2 Responses

  1. The reason they hate it is because the useless middle-men can no longer make a profit off of it.

  2. They hate it because the useless middlemen can no longer make a risk-free profit on student loans. They want their government subsidy to continue.

    If you add up all the taxes, welfare payments, tax deductions, and subsidies, money in the U.S. is being transferred from the poor to the middle class. Take deductible mortgage interest, for example… Do the poor get deductible rent?

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