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I’ve never even come close to watching an episode of LOST. I’m glad. It looks looked like a shitty show.

5 Responses

  1. Your insane! Its not shitty! There are no words for how bad it is. I took a look at the first season on netflix and I couldn’t get past the first episode. My brain felt as if it was melting slightly. It is truly a good thing for the world its over.

  2. So, I haven’t missed anything, then. Good to know.

  3. I read about the premise of the show before it began and decided it was stupid, so I never watched it. I watch very little TV any more. Most shows are stupid and quite juvenile. I never watch any “reality” shows – they are nothing but low class voyeurism and have nothing to do with reality.

  4. I always felt that Lost would degenerate into too-many-plotlines-to-resolve-abuse (like _The X Files_), so I never started watching. I watched _Flash Forward_ until the first unacceptable coincidence (that the guy whose boy was in the hospital was tied into the phenomenon being investigated by the boy’s doctor’s husband. Yeah, right.

    The best SFish show of the last few years was the all-too-shortened _Jericho_. At least in the partial second season of the show, the writers managed to give a decent closing to the plot (although, with only 7 episodes to play with, the second-season shows seemed rushed).

  5. Firefly was interesting, but ridiculously cheesy and the combination of john wayne and star wars didn’t really work for me.

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