I just don’t get it

I made issue of two errors in one of Christopher Maloney’s new, sort of weird blogs. First, he had a typo. I’m sure I have plenty of those; I really just wanted to see how quickly he would make a change to his site. My stats page has long made it obvious that he clicks and sends off each post I make about him, presumably because he doesn’t get that sitting down and doing nothing is still his best solution. As it turns out, it didn’t take him long to make the correction. Second, I also made issue of the title to a link where he said I could not “read science”.

Oh, and naturopaths apparently read science. Not scientific literature, raw data, or anything of that nature. They literally read science itself. It’s magical.

This prompted a change in that link title.

The Maine kid with an English degree who can’t read.

This is probably funnier than the way it was originally. The whole point of the first title was to say I cannot understand the Gish Gallop of citations Maloney provides when he’s trying to draw anti-science conclusions. He even goes so far as to claim I have an English degree (I don’t), specifically implying that my specialty lies outside the realm of science. But while he poorly worded everything the first time around, the point was understandable, if still false on a number of counts. Now he’s completely changed his point. It’s not that I don’t understand science, it’s that I’m illiterate. And to top it all off, he leaves the falsehood that I have an English degree.

But I don’t get this. I mean, I make one quick post to point out a number of flaws with Maloney’s work and the turn-around is impressive. Basically the next morning the guy has made a number of alterations, accepting my criticism as worthwhile. But then he still leaves several lies. He’s still saying I have an English degree. He still hasn’t changed his whine about his post being moderated, even though he knows it was caught by a spam filter:

Somehow I crossed an unseen boundary, and the following post was moderated out of existance. Myers later claimed on his blog that he has standard moderation and that he doesn’t check it. But I wrote to him personally the same day he moderated me out and received no reply. The only logical conclusion is that Myers found my posting too much of a threat to allow me to continue. I was crossing the boundary from quack to regular, and he couldn’t handle the transition.

While I’ve pointed out in the past that PZ has responded to a number of my emails, he certainly hasn’t responded to them all. I’ve managed to get his attention for a post mocking creationists, the Discovery Institute, and the validity of the term “new atheists” (a post which also showed up on RichardDawkins.net) as well as the whole Maloney-Moritz malarkey, but several of my emails have been ignored. And that’s understandable. Pharyngula gets millions of hits a year, PZ gets hundreds of emails a day. It is not a logical conclusion to say PZ did or thinks one thing or another just because he doesn’t give a personal response to every individual with an email account who wants to talk with him. Nobody moderated Maloney out of “existance” (how long until that one changes?), but basic truth isn’t his particular concern.

But what I really don’t get is that if a single, short post is enough for him to accept my criticism as valid, then why does it seem like my more lengthy posts refuting his entire profession go by the wayside? This really isn’t that hard: cite established facts with empirical evidence, use information that has the support of the medical community, and only offer patients and critics studies which involve more than 29 people. Hell, it would be nice if he just stopped citing studies which don’t even have the full backing of the original researchers, e.g., studies which say more research is needed before any firm conclusions are drawn.

But I’m asking for a lot from a naturopath.

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  1. Your asking Maloney to do it the scientific way. That contradicts his policy of lying and taking advantage of people with pseudo bullshit where he makes monetary gains out of the continued suffering of people.

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