‘The Dirty Dozen’

Christopher Maloney has arbitrarily chosen 12 sites which criticize him, referring to them as “The Dirty Dozen”. I mentioned this recently. Now some of those sites are picking up on him.

I have been promoted to “The Dirty Dozen”, a minion, nay, a TOP minion of PZ Myers. You see, PZ Myers literally has MILLIONS of minions and for somebody (even a quack like Christopher Maloney, or even a stranger quack purporting to be Christopher Maloney) to recognise me as one of the TOP 12 minions is a singular honour.

I just want to take this time to thank my parents, without whom I would never have been able to achieve this honour. And I would like to thank my team and especially the crowd from #pharyngula who have made all of this possible. I would like to thank my lovely wife, whose support and assistance during this time has made all of this possible. And thank you all, for your loyal support. And last, but not least, I would like to thank Dr. PZ Myers. Without his inspiration and mentoring, I would surely never have been able to win this award. Thank you.

At least he’s grateful.

Of course, not all are so gracious.

So, finally over, right? Wrong. Chris has apparently been busy putting up crummy websites about how awful PZ and his “drones” are. I made it onto his list of The Dirty Dozen.

Hey, I’m on a list with Steve Novella! And that would mean something if I respected this Maloney’s judgment!

Listen, Chris. I’m glad you hate me. You are a cancer quack, the worst type of shit there is, harvesting the hopes of the desperate. Seriously, look at what this animal put on his website about how he “treats” cancer!

That blogger, Happy Jihad, then goes on to quote this from Maloney.

Claiming to treat something like cancer is a bit like claiming to treat something like colds, except in this case we have a different cold specialist for each eye, each ear, and every part of the nostril. Oncologists will rightly yell that I have little to no experience with your particular subsection of cancer and that might be correct. But my reply is that despite all the extensive specialization we have been unable to stem the tide of cancer. Perhaps a slightly wider view of the whole body system would be beneficial.

“The tide of cancer” is a phrase which means nothing. It’s intentionally ambiguous; the alt-med crowd doesn’t like to be pinned down and so use nothing-terms to avoid backing up anything they say. Does it mean survival rates? Does it mean frequency rates? Does it refer to carcinogens? It’s impossible to tell from any of this.

As for “a slightly wider view of the whole body system” being beneficial, this is more ambiguous language. It’s a promotion of vague alt-med ideas – none of which have significant supporting evidence.

At any rate, more websites are picking up on Maloney. The reason? He keeps chirping. I’ve said it so many times now, but I’ll say it again: He cannot make anything better. He can only not make it worse.

3 Responses

  1. I guess Maloney’s stupid is baked into his genes. I wonder if any of his fake cures can fix it?

  2. Why would he intentionally link to so many people who so thoroughly debunk his claims?

  3. Because he doesn’t understand how the Internet works, I guess.

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