Paul LePage is a creationist

Like several other states, Maine recently had its party primaries for governor. Three candidates have emerged as the overall front runners. Libby Mitchell won the Democrat primary, Eliot Cutler didn’t have to worry about any of that since he’s running as an independent, and Paul LePage won the Republican nomination. And that’s where the danger is.

Paul LePage isn’t too far from the ideals of the Teabaggers. He hates government, poor people, basic services, and most of all, education. In an interview from May 27, he was asked “Do you believe in creationism, and do you think it should be taught in Maine public schools?” Here is his answer.

I would say intelligence, uh, the more education you have the more knowledge you have the better person you are and I believe yes and yes.

It’s unclear what the word “intelligence” is doing in his answer as the concept is nowhere to be found.

Few if any who visit FTSOS are going to vote for LePage, I know. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t important to get the word out that he is anti-science. One way to do this is to buy a bumper sticker which reads “No Creationism in Public Schools. No to Paul LePage.

This is the last guy any state needs as a leader.

11 Responses

  1. What do the current polls indicate between the three candidates?

  2. LePage 43%
    Mitchell 36%
    Cutler 7%
    Undecided 14%

    But LePage and Mitchell have a huge advantage having just won their primaries.

  3. Michael Hawkins: Get your facts right: Paul Le Page doesn’t hate the poor. How could he when he was poor once? illogical on your part.

  4. At least you aren’t outraged that he hates basic services and education.

    Oh, and he’s a bigot.

  5. I may be the lone Le Page voter on the site. Although I didn’t vote for him in the primary and He doesn’t quite have my vote yet for certain.

    The way I’m seeing it having Le Page would probably be a good thing for the state. The democrats are going to hold on to the house and the senate. Having a republican gov. would temper their power and they would temper his.

    The other thing if he wins is if he doesn’t do a good job he’ll be toast in 4 years. A republican gov. won’t get the complimentary second term a liberal would get without doing the job in a manner that the people approve of. You have only to look at baldacci to see a crappy governor that the dems should have replaced in 2006.

  6. Agreed. I do like how the Maine Libertarian Republican (wtf is that?) fb page was endorsing this fucktard. Social conservatives are as statist and anti-liberty as they come.

  7. Ah, that is the question. Liberty represents different things to different people.

    Free to me is free from government intrusion or control of any kind in my life may I succeed or fail.

    Free to some others might be having the state/society provide all their needs and wants. Leaving them free to do mostly anything they want.

    I consider myself socially conservative, but I don’t see myself as being statist. Assuming statism is the belief that the state has a large role to play in _______. The state would have a pretty small role indeed if my “utopia” were created.

    Of course “utopias” aren’t and there is a lot functionally wrong with the lite version of government that I can imagine. Just as much as is wrong with every other utopian idea out there, the ideal can never exist of course.

  8. Free to me is free from government intrusion or control of any kind in my life may I succeed or fail.

    So that means that government shouldn’t control for taxes and therefore no supply of roads, police, fire, ambulance, automobile regulations like speed limits, no army or national defense, no passports, no immigration control, no environmental control or regulations, no housing zoning, no public hospitals, no regulation on poisons, no control of food quality, no regulations on banking, medicine, no prisons, no public water supply, no trash collection, no snow removal, etc.

    I certainly won’t visit that hell hole you desire for a country. I think you should move to Somalia since it has most of these sterling qualities.

  9. You go a little too far in your literal interpretation. No control or intrusion is unattainable. Just like if you look at my second extreme example of a more childlike sense of freedom, but one that is really just as valid.

    No country could support a 100% socialist, state provides every need, sort of arraignment. With the amount of command and control a government like that would have over most aspects of your life it would be hard to view a situation like that as free even though you have no responsibilities at all.

    Just as you said, life with no services or regulations would be difficult to recognize as “free”, but so would the opposite.

  10. Just as you said, life with no services or regulations would be difficult to recognize as “free”, but so would the opposite.

    But I never advocated for the opposite, since I believe in free enterprise with regulatory oversight. You made the statement “free from government intrusion or control of any kind” above.

    Additions to above services necessary by governments: regulation of public airwaves, negotiations with foreign entities on peace, trade, etc, funding of science, space exploration

  11. ahhh but that’s not either “utopian” end of the spectrum. That’s what I’ve been talking about.

    Like I said there are some basic things you can never be free of from government, but on the other hand there are some things that people would never allow the government to take control of and provide too.

    There is the “adult” freedom call it like you’ve been stranded on a desert island.

    and there is the more “childlike” version in which everything you do is watched and everything is provided.

    If I had to choose between the two I’d be on the desert island. I would be happy if a completely government free life could be lived but it can’t and it would be prohibitively hard if it were possible.

    Just as I said it would be difficult to recognize either extreme as being “free”

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