LePage brags about his fans

Although he is virtually in a statistical tie with Democratic candidate for Maine governor Libby Mitchell, Republican candidate Paul LePage likes to think he’s way ahead. Or maybe he gets it and realizes that the poll numbers don’t give him that big edge, so he’s trying to find another way to brag about being ever-so-popular. Whatever the reason, this is the status update on his Facebook page.

We just hit 3,300 fans! Libby Mitchell is at 2,139, Eliot Cutler 919… Keep spreading the word- Click “Share” on the link below. Let’s keep the momentum on facebook in order to reach our GOOOOOAAALLLLLL in November! Go USA soccer!!

This is as valid as measuring what people think based upon Internet polls. There are any number of reasons any candidate may have the fans he or she does. LePage may encourage people to sign up for his Facebook page while he’s out campaigning, and Mitchell and Cutler don’t. In fact, under the picture of his obese mug he encourages people to suggest his page to friends. It’s all meaningless.

Which is why everyone should become a fan of Mitchell’s and Cutler’s respective pages. It doesn’t mean jack squat, but if it might stress LePage out to know he isn’t so far ahead in the Facebook page contest, then it’s worth it. I mean, the guy already wants to have creationism taught in Maine, so I imagine it might actually work since he puts stock in things that make no sense.

Join Libby Mitchell’s page here.

Join Eliot Cutler’s page here.

4 Responses

  1. I’m not a fan but I’m going to vote for him. I’d rather have someone, ANYONE even mickey mouse, to balance a legislature that likes nothing more than to spend and raise taxes.

    He wouldn’t sign a lot of their garbage and the legislature won’t pass a lot of his. Better than what we have now.

    As far as I know the governor doesn’t personally set the curriculum. I couldn’t care less what he wants to have taught in schools. If the republicans take the house AND senate your worries will be valid ones at that point. I don’t see it happening.

  2. We should have got mickey in there before the filing deadline… Damn!

  3. LePage actually has done nothing for the taxes of Waterville. In fact, while Augusta is known as a high-tax city, Waterville residents actually pay more because of the high assessor’s rate they use to compensate for their lower tax rate (per $1,000).

  4. He may be worthless, that’s not why I’m voting for him. Like I said, my feeling are a conservative will balance the liberal legislature and (hopefully) filter out (at least some) of the garbage both sides would like.

    I would prefer governmental gridlock.

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