The cowardice of Paul LePage

For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to think of a good topic for a letter to the editor. Ideally I want to write about evolution, but my space is limited. Then I think maybe I could respond to some inane letter that says the U.S. is based upon Christian ideals. But nah, people prefer topical stuff, not history lessons, at least in their newspapers. But then I realize, oh yes! Paul LePage is a creationist. He’s even on video professing his desire to teach children that Jesus rode on dinosaurs.

But now it gets better. Take a look at Paul LePage’s Facebook “Like” Page’s comments. Now filter it to “Just Others” and look between the comments by Sandra Blanchette and Marc Worrell, the first of which was made at 5:15 pm June 21, the second of which was made around midnight tonight. Do you see it? Do you see what it says?

No, you don’t.

The reason is that I left a message very near to this one:

You’ve said you support the teaching of creationism.


Fairly mundane by my standards.

But it got deleted. And I have been forced from his “Like” Page.

I mean, I’m glad LePage has learned that his anti-science ignorance ought to be viewed as an embarrassment, but the fact remains that he’s on video saying he supports the teaching of something known to be false. He is against every biology professor in the state of Maine. He is against every relevant scientific organization in the country. Paul LePage is an ignorant creationist who is too cowardly to defend what he believes.

But I thank him for the topic idea for my next letter to the editor.

7 Responses

  1. My prediction for November:

    LePage 38%
    Mitchell 32%
    Cutler 21%
    Scott 5%
    Moody 4%


    This is a pretty interesting little article. I thought I would post it for your reading pleasure. The question that I’d bet my VA benefits will never be answered. What caused the big bang (if the big bang theory is correct) and what happened before that.

  3. My fiancé was also deleted from his ‘like’ page for the same reason. However, we managed to get one of the Admins to apologize for this, and to admit to lying in a public forum. (The Cutler like page)

  4. There’s a lot to blog about here (and I’ll get to it), but I’m glad you and Regina have been posting. Now we’ll see if I get reinstated.

  5. […] Aaron Prill who is working as the paid web guru for the Paul LePage Campaign, is censoring more than one Maine citizen by deleting their posts for the offense of asking this question: You’ve said you support the […]

  6. Here’s some direct evidence connecting the Prill campaign to that Facebook page.

  7. Oops. Meant “the LePage campaign.” Looks like the two are synonymous.

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