Obama helps correct misdeeds against Constance

Constance McMillen is that girl whose school denied everyone prom because she’s gay and they’re bigots. The school then encouraged parents to host their own prom while sending Constance and a couple of others to a fake prom. It’s pretty disgraceful, full of ignorance, and plainly ugly. Itawamba County Agricultural High School in Mississippi, like much of the rest of Mississippi, has a lot of sexually immature Christians running around. But then, it’s always nice to have more explanation why the state routinely ranks last in education.

Fortunately, Constance will now be attending a LGBT reception at the White House.

McMillen will attend a White House reception Tuesday for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender citizens from around the nation in recognition of gay pride month.

The White House confirmed Friday that Obama will host the event and is expected to deliver brief remarks.

After the prom controversy, McMillen said, she faced a hostile environment from her peers and transferred out of her northeast Mississippi school district to a school 200 miles away in Jackson.

In the more educated environment of the Obama administration, she won’t have to face such aggressive hostility.

6 Responses

  1. You know they wouldn’t let her wear a tuxedo and your up in arms. What about the students who were told they could not wear American flag shirts to school in California or the young man who was sent home from school for wearing his dead brothers rosary?

    How is that kind of bigotry any better?

  2. The actions taken against Constance were based upon her sexual orientation. The action taken against the kids who wore their shirts was based upon them shitting all over someone else’s day. I disagreed with them being sent home, but they were trying to be rabble rousers. It’s no different from a bunch of Mexican kids wearing Mexican flag shirts on the 4th of July. They ought to be able to do it, but their inconsiderate, selfish, spoiled little douchebags for it.

    I’m not familiar with the rosary story.

  3. Shitting on someone else’s day? I find it hard to believe that Mexicans wearing such shirts on July 4th would be treated in the same way. Its the Mexican students who caused trouble, shouting and cat calling, The only thing those boys did was express themselves I am not aware of any day on which one is not allowed to do so.

    One could say constance was “rabble rousing”. she must have known it would cause controversy. She is entitled to do as she pleases but using your reasoning she should have taken everyone else’s sensibilities into account. Hogwash, no one has the right not to be offended, and no one should be punished for being offensive.

    Precedents are a dangerous thing to establish, especially should they pertain to rights. Should foreign flags be banned on the 4th of July? Should American flags be banned in America on other nations meaningful days? Cinqo De Mayo isn’t even a holiday in Mexico, save for one state. Its almost more of an American holiday today.


    I googled it, I’m not sure of the political leanings of the site but this isn’t where i originally saw the story. MSNBC I believe.

  4. Constance wasn’t trying to mock heterosexuality. The kids wearing the shirts were mocking a day meant for the celebration of another group. I agree that they shouldn’t be punished, but what they did does not parallel to what Constance wanted to do.

  5. The bead story is just strange. Maybe it’s that I have been afforded the luxury of the presence of gangs being foreign to me, but it sounds like the school is just making stuff up. It’s obvious a rosary is a religious symbol. Until they can establish otherwise, they’ve violated that kids constitutional rights.

  6. The whole situation may not parallel, but the issue is the same. If it makes people uncomfortable the school can disallow it. We all agree that that is ridiculous, but there you are.

    The rosary is simply a method of keeping count of prayers. Many many religions use something similar. Even if they could establish a connection between this object and gangs, what exactly does it do to prevent their activities?

    Certainly if they were aware of gang members wearing… green shoes for example. Does that not provide a way for them to be identified by faculty and watched more closely? Making something invisible does nothing to stop the problem. If you paint over rust the rust problem is still there.

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