The Kennebec Journal falls off the deep end

After reprinting a sweet story about a cat with a signficant medical operation, my local paper, the Kennebec Journal, has once again printed an article full of bullshit.

They returned to the Readfield Historical Society expecting to hear a metaphysical teacher delivering a grammar lesson and the sound of a chalkboard being cleaned.

Instead, the team of paranormal investigators encountered occult forces that were far less welcoming.

Those were the results of a six-member team’s ghostly investigation into the Readfield Historical Society building, a former schoolhouse built in 1823.

I can’t believe this crap is getting printed. This team observed nothing. They’re liars. They’re making it up. There is no evidence of the bullshit they claim, only evidence that they’re full of shit.

The Kennebec Journal need only look to this article to answer why they’re doing so poorly.

2 Responses

  1. Oh come on, I like to think there might be ghosts wondering around messing with me. Have some fun. I love to visit “haunted” places. Its good fun.

    I’ve never seen any evidence for ghosts but I’m not going to lie about shining my flashlight into every corner when I visit an old fort or that I jump every now and than when I hear a creak in an old light house.

    Without imagination and stories like this life would be very boring indeed. Not to say I believe what they are saying or that ghosts exist, but I enjoy entertaining the thought, and life should be about happiness at least once in a while.

    I also will go out on a limb and say that the KJ’s declining popularity isn’t due to stories about ghost hunters. Pretty much the only printed newspaper not in serious decline is the Wall Street Journal.

  2. I know where you can see a good Maine newspaper story about ghost hunters

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