One characteristic of the show Cops is the use of footage showing dumb as dirt, inbred hicks contending with properly acting, professional officers. That probably reflects a good deal of what most police do, but it isn’t the whole story. Cops are people. They aren’t perfect.

That’s why I’m glad I was linked on Unknown News for my post about not talking to the police.

The whole page is just link after link of the negative stories about police – the ones you won’t hear on Cops. I like this. It isn’t that I’m glad someone is finally shitting on the police; that isn’t what makes this appealing (and shitting on the police isn’t remotely original). It’s that it recognizes this conscious campaign by channels like FOX and SpikeTV to portray the police as always getting the bad guy, always playing by the book. They’re human. I like to see when they get treated as such.

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  1. By the by, this was my 1,000th post.

  2. Congrats

  3. Congratulations. See if you can hit 2000 by New Year’s Eve.

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