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  1. No time for a discussion today. Attending a funeral of a friend’s father. The deceased lived until 92.

  2. Check out today’s xkcd:

    Michael, you will love it will love it. Make sure to read the ‘hover’ note.

  3. Some of them I can follow. If they get to “mathy” I just give up. Thanks for picking one that wasn’t “mathy”.

  4. I’m sorry about your friends father.

    When you do have time for discussion, what are your thoughts on sex ed?

  5. I am in favor of sex ed. It will reduce teen sex. In my experience, high school teachers can make ANYTHING boring!

  6. I am all for age appropriate sex education. Even a three-year-old can understand “Your body belongs to you, no one should be touching your private parts, If anyone does, tell mom & dad, no matter what they tell you”.

  7. Well that’s the key isn’t it, age appropriateness. I am baffled by “comprehensive” sex education and available condoms in elementary school. Maybe if you have a kid that’s been held back a few too many years but really…

    I don’t think some of the other stuff I read about is useful either, how to be safe is one thing, understand how it works fine, instruction on various positions… what are they thinking?

  8. I agree that teaching sex positions is not something that needs to be taught to students. As far as condom availability, it should be for those who are currently or will shortly be having sex. My guess for which schools – it probably depends on each area. Some inner city schools may need it younger. That should be decided by school personnel in conjunction (pun?) with parents.

  9. I think its Boston that now has condoms available to all students. It looks good on paper, but in reality those in the 5-10 range don’t really need to be exposed that early. If the kids are having sex that young there are much bigger problems at hand than STD’s and tween pregnancies.

  10. LOL, Nate.

    Why stop at Lindsay Lohan. Add Jenny McCarthy, etc.

  11. The US Government must have a hole they throw all our money in… does that count? Judging by the taxes I paid its got to be a pretty god damned big hole.

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