Gosh, Chris

It’s like Christopher Maloney wants me to blog about him. Why else would he say this?

Dear Michael Hawkins, Thank you for not leaving any more hate mail at my neighbors’ doors after dark. Please get help. A variety of Augusta counselors take Mainecare. I would remind you that you have never met me and you have never been a patient, so I am not bound by confidentiality restrictions concerning your situation. I wish you well, and I wish you healthy.

This is in response to a comment I left on a letter to the editor Maloney wrote. In the same comment section, he implied that he is a doctor. Given the false nature of that statement, I corrected him.

You are not a doctor. You are a naturopathic doctor. There is a significant difference.

The difference being that one is genuinely qualified to, well, do something. Take a stab which one I mean.

Of course it’s a bit of fun to see Maloney try and pretend like the reason I attack his ‘profession’ is that I have a “situation”, but it gets old when it has so long been known that if I have a “situation”, then so does half the Internet. Maybe he thinks being rational is a “situation”? I don’t know. But I give the guy credit. He can keep some things fresh.

Jarody, My wife and I are independent individuals and maintain separate professional lives. I am surprised that you would take the time to try to link my promotion of our local agricultural community to some sort of political agenda. Please clarify for any readers that you were planning on running against my wife but lost the local Republican primary. Are you currently voicing your own opinions or writing as part of a Republican committee? Just curious.

This is in response to the crazy ramblings of a crazy man who legally goes by a single, crazy name: Jarody. The guy ran for some locally elected position last year and lost big time. Because he’s crazy. I can’t imagine wasting much of my time responding to him. But then, I’m not Maloney; I’m not compelled to constantly hyper-respond with vitriol to every bit of criticism anyone throws my way. Honestly. Am I about to give an honest response to the “situation” comment, explaining the soundness of my mind? Would that really convince everyone of my position? Or might it just throw fuel on the fire because to respond to criticism too much is to fight a losing battle?

One Response

  1. You can always tell a quack by how he responds to criticism…with slander and attempts to silence.

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