Lisa Benson doesn’t understand basic science

Lisa Benson is a doltish political cartoonist. Given the most recent cartoon of hers I saw, I presume she watches a lot of Sean Hannity.

How are people so ignorant that they manage to confuse weather and climate after the age of 7?

That said, there is an aspect of this cartoon I appreciate. What a lot of Christian right-wingers do is when they perceive something as bad, they call it a religion. This is obviously ironic because religion is fundamental to their lives; they clearly think at least their religion is good. Of course, I’m all for calling religion bad – because it is – but I don’t see that being a strong point to make for people who might want to promote their own religious beliefs.

3 Responses

  1. It’s a comic Michael! I don’t know very many people that didn’t chuckle when Obama had to leave the Copenhagen alarmist conference early due to a snowstorm.

  2. I do like her drawing style.

  3. Fundamentalists of every ilk don’t just think their religion is good, they think it is the only truth and that everyone else’s viewpoint is crazy delusional. They can’t step back and see that theirs must be as delusional as all the others they fear. And they obviously can’t perceive the difference between science and a religion: that science is (for starters) driven by personal perception, repeatable independently verifiable facts, and peer review and criticism. And that religion is (for starters) driven by what someone else has told you must be true and cannot be criticized or disbelieved.

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