“A judicial slap…”

A federal court has found that a cross in San Diego marking a war memorial is unconstitutional.

The three-judge panel concluded in its 47-page opinion that the U.S. “district court erred in declaring the memorial to be primarily nonsectarian and granting summary judgment in favor of the government and the memorial’s supporters.”

A group that filed a brief on behalf of 25 members of Congress supporting the Mount Soledad Veterans Memorial, the American Center for Law and Justice, condemned the appeals court ruling as “a judicial slap in the face to our military veterans.”

And they’re right. This ruling is a total slap in the face of military veterans…

unless they’re Jewish.

or Muslim.

or atheist.

or agnostic.

or Buddhist.

or any non-Christian religion.

or supporters of the First Amendment.

But for everyone else? Total slappage.

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