Carl Sagan on the new astrology

We can all get a little attached sometimes.

6 Responses

  1. A decent impression of Sagan.

  2. I can’t believe you Atheists buy into this science bullshit. Are you really stupid enough to believe that the lights in the sky are balls of gas millions of miles away. Get it through your heads people that those “stars” you see are nothing more than lights atop of poles 4-5 miles high. It’s all a part of a government experiment to buy you sheeple’s trust. Enjoy your labor camps.

  3. jarody…. you wouldn’t be the same jarody that ran for the maine house of reps would you?

  4. How does the government get them to move as the night goes by?

  5. First, I call Poe’s Law. Second, his email address is the same as the Jarody who emailed me some months ago.

  6. What did the Jarody say in the email? Anything about Lights on poles? I am intrigued by the idea. If its true it would be nice if they made them brighter sometimes so I could see where I was going at night.

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