I forgot to include a graphical representation of that god damned middle-aged person in class who won’t shut the hell up.

Notice this is not included under “Humor”.

5 Responses

  1. How many megaapixels is the camera you used?

  2. Around 32.

    (Here is the link of origin, by the way.)

  3. Pet peeve of mine: “god damn” is an imperative clause; if you want to use it as an adjective, it’s “goddamned”. Now you know. ;)

  4. You must be in one of my classes, lol.
    This older guy does this all the time. We had a speaker Tuesday and he interrupted her to make a point about something. After the class was over I waited to talk to her, as he was saying something about psychology to her, she waited until that ran its course and jumped at the chance to talk to me, lol. I actually had some comments and questions about her presentation that had to do with her presentation over Henry VIII & his reformation of the church. The old guy seemed to get a little antsy waiting for her to finish with me. I left and he started in on her again. Poor lady.

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