Not okay, Facebook

Facebook wants to once again screw with everyone’s personal information.

Facebook announced today in a letter to Congress that the social-media platform is moving forward with plans to give third parties access to user information, such as phone numbers and home addresses.

In a letter to Reps. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) and Joe Barton (R-Tex.), who both expressed concerns over Facebook’s plan to make such data available, company officials reiterated their now-familiar pledge to leave it up to users to decide whether they want their personal contact information to go out to app developers and outside websites. Markey has previously said that “Facebook needs to protect the personal information of its users to ensure that Facebook doesn’t become Phonebook.”

I discovered a few weeks ago that my number was actually posted on my profile. Presumably it happened when I got a BlackBerry and added the Facebook app. I’ve looked and seen that other friends with smart phones also have their numbers available; I doubt most of them know. And now Facebook wants to take advantage of this fact. It’s horseshit. I’ve removed my number, and I never had my address up there in the first place, but this is much too far. Facebook needs to pull itself back. It has 500 million users – there’s plenty of ad revenue to be had. There is no need to give seedy companies access to this sort of information.

5 Responses

  1. Let them, I pride myself on giving a deserving earful to crap callers. I’ve become quite good at it. I made one cry once.

    If they want to destroy their customer base, so be it.

  2. I followed the link and it said it will only share the information if the user clicks on something agreeing to share it with specific entities, like the Farmville people.

    Are we sure there’s a problem here?

  3. Nope, but any.chance I get to shit on facebook…

  4. It’s Facebook. It knows its taking advantage of users who won’t know better. Indeed, it manages to often take advantage of users who do know better.

  5. Do you think Facebook and Google hang out and talk? I mean Google already knows everything about all of us…

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