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I’m tired of hearing America is the best at this or the best at that all the frickin’ time. It’s a fat country with bad health care, bad politics, bad education, bad infrastructure, bad religion, a horrific income gap, a load of violent crime, moronic drug laws, rampant racism, people who deny the rampant racism, sexism, people who deny the rampant sexism, an active and overt hostility to higher education, and a population that consists of large blocs devoted to ideology over real-world pragmatic answers.

And to top things off, it’s filled with the sort of people who give idiotic responses to all these facts by saying, “Well, if you don’t like, why don’t you leave?” Morons.

15 Responses

  1. A reasonable complaint, but all you can do is get it off your chest.

  2. Yet people still flock here in droves, why don’t you make an overseas tour of our embassies and warn all those people trying to get visas how horrible it is here.

  3. Bob, I meant to ask before but I cant find the post again. You alright? You said you were in the hospital.

  4. *that you had been.

  5. I was in for 8 days. I got some kind of infection in my leg and it took off. They never figured out what it was. I am still not OK. It could take up to weeks for the swelling to go all away and up to months before I am back to normal. I walk with a cane for now due to the pain. My BP had gone down to 58/37 the day I checked in.

    But in keeping in the spirit of things, I go to Ft. Myers tomorrow and take in a Red Sox game Saturday, sitting row 12 behind home plate.

  6. Well god to hear you’re still kicking, leg pun intended.

    I’d warn you against repeating that last line too many times though, Michael might ban you out of jealousy!

  7. Pssh. Spring training.

  8. ditto
    If it wasn’t for cable television it be a lot easier to leave.

  9. “And to top things off, it’s filled with the sort of people who give idiotic responses to all these facts by saying, “Well, if you don’t like, why don’t you leave?” Morons.”

    AND HOW! ~~>and for those of us who seriously consider leaving (or actually LEAVE), we’re called “traitors” ~~ it’s like – make up your fucking minds, already!!!

  10. […] Michael Hawkins This entry was posted in Amurican Exceptionalism…. Bookmark the permalink. ← Libertarians, please find your center … […]

  11. I wouldn’t go that far. You sound like an American with your complaining. Try living in another country for 5 years and reflect on it. Thats your best answer

  12. You are overtly American even if you can’t quite stand living in America. I’m guessing you’re American born right? I’d suggest giving another country a try, then let us know how you genuinely feel about your country. I’m curious if you’ve lived elsewhere? I’m Spaniard and I know loads of people that would love to move to America.

    Is the grass greener on the other side? You should pack up and leave your country, along with your failing American education, that you’re taking part in. Cheers.

  13. I like the strawman you used as an opener. It’s really cute. But maybe you can quote where I said I “can’t quite stand living in America”? Let me know if you can because I don’t recall ever saying it.

    But perhaps even better than your strawman may be the utter misunderstanding of the post you’ve displayed. After all, you think you’ve countered my point that America is not the best at a whole host of things by saying that I ought to live in another country. I’m not quite sure how living in another place would prove that, say, American health care isn’t the best. Or maybe you think personal experience and anecdotes are good substitutes for objective evidence?

    But you’ve got me on the failing system of education we’ve got over here. It’s just too bad for you that a big chunk of my education has been private. Not that intelligent people aren’t produced by bad systems. They are every single year. But I wouldn’t expect someone like you who values logical fallacies and anecdotes in place of evidence to understand that.

  14. Americans bad? Most people I know don’t critcize an entire country. I think its unfair of you to judge a country because of the people who make the rules. We don’t go around trying to make our country look like crap. There our people in this country who do go around be stupid and obnoxious, but the is not the majority of the population. I don’t think America is the best country in the world, in fact, I would love to live in Europe.

    Not everyone in this country would be considered “morons”. The average IQ is around 100, and America is tied for the 19th highest IQ by country, worldwide. Since there are around 200 countries in the world, I really don’t think we’re to far down there.

    I just think its terrible you’re going to judge a whole country. You seem just as terrible as you make Americans out to be

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