Stubborn bigotry

The Supreme Court got rid of all bans on interracial marriage in 1967. Unfortunately, it took two states over 30 years each to formally get rid of the statutes they still had on the books. Both states – South Carolina and Alabama – had to go through the process of a vote because of how their constitutions work. In 1998, 38% of South Carolina voters said they did not want to remove the ban. In 2000, 41% of Alabama voters said the same thing. Those numbers were shockingly disgusting. People like to hold on to their bigotry, quite apparently.

Now the same thing is going on in Kansas:

Members of Kansas’ gay community aren’t happy as lawmakers in Topeka, KS, have decided to leave on the books laws banning homosexuality.

Laws banning gay sex have been ruled unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court, but the law remains in place in Kansas.

An effort to repeal the law was killed this week, leaving gay and lesbian Kansans outraged…

The House Judiciary Committee was considering a bill to clean up Kansas’ criminal code when a pair of lawmakers, Jan Paul from Hutchinson and Lance Kinzer from Olathe, removed an amendment from the bill that would have repealed the law banning homosexual acts.

Got that? People were considering cleaning up Kansas’ ugly past, but Jan Paul and Lance Kinzer said they prefer to keep things dirty, filthy, and ugly.

“I think their motivation is pretty clear,” said Thomas Witt, chair of Kansas Equality Commission. “They don’t like gay people and they’re going to make sure in the eyes of the law we’re still considered criminals.”

6 Responses

  1. There’s no excuse for this. Yes, these laws are symbolic and unenforced, but there is no point in delaying their elimination.

    I was hoping to see how Lancy Kinzer justifies his actions, but he was too busy combating freedom to comment in any news article I could find:

  2. Bigots are proud of their mentally retarded preferences. Their arrogance reflects their disease.

  3. I’m sorry, who’s arrogant Bob?

    I couldn’t care less what the law is in regard to. If they have been struck down than they need to be swept off the books. This is part of the reason people have such a hard time understanding the legal framework they live under. There is undue clutter.

  4. And the message to gay teens in Kansas is what? It’s one thing to give this repugnant, illibertarian message to adults. As far as I’m concerned, it is far more damaging to tell gay teens they aren’t as good as “normal” people. Way to go, Kansas. I thought conservatives wanted less government intrusion into private lives. Oh, I forgot. Kansans just don’t like gays.

  5. When you look to government for endorsement of everything this is what you get. I don’t reasonable person really cares about an unenforceable law on the books.

  6. think any reasonable*

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