A homeopathic solution I can support

From YH&C:

As a skeptic, I see the National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine as a pure waste of about $121 million in taxes annually and would jump on any chance to eliminate the department.

Now, realistically I know this department is the baby of Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) and as a part of his reputation is tied up in it’s success he will fight for it’s survival. His interest is concentrated, while the interest of the public to save a little more money is spread out. So elimination is a tough fight that our side can’t expect to win.

But I think I have a compromise. Following the principles of homeopathy, where a substance gets more powerful if you dilute it in water and shake it up a little between steps, we should dilute the NCCAM funding down to $12.1 million. How’s that for shaking things up?

This may be the first homeopathic plan I can really support. It certainly would help decrease the number of people who are needlessly sick.

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  1. Why stop there? Go for full dilution.


  2. There are so many other things that are even bigger wastes of money.

    Chop it by all means, it’s right on the same level with PBS and NPR for me though, pure wastes of our money.

  3. Fake medicine and the arts are equivalent? Thats just because of your ideology. I guess in your world Sesame Street is the same value as sugar pills.

    If you are serious about waste, the DOD is where 75% of the cuts should be.

  4. The arts, Bob? I hardly think so. PBS doesn’t need the relative pittance they get from the government and the government doesn’t need to be involved in media anyway.

    You cut the entire DOD budget you still fall far short of closing the deficit gap. You don’t think we should have any military spending, that’s nice, but it wouldn’t come close to solving our issues.

    With that said, there are serious cuts they need to make within the DOD, I agree with at least that much.

    Now I do support cutting off the arts, but that’s a different subject.

  5. I didn’t say cut 75% of the DOD budget. I said 75% of the cuts should come from the DOD.

    And I propose a new stream of spending to send all Republicans in congress back to school to learn science and critical thinking. Some would have to start with fourth grade but most with high school.

  6. Well you’re still going to have a huge deficit each year with that plan.

    Fine, than we need a new stream to send the Democrats to learn about basic economics and early American history. I’d say they would need to start with the constitution, as so many of them have never read it, thinking that its more of a guideline.

  7. No, YOU would have a huge deficit. I would put taxes for the wealthy back to their historical level and also stop giving welfare to corporations.

    ..and its the Republicans who don’t understand the constitution and want to display the 10 commandments in courthouses, teach creationism and want to ‘return’ the US to its Christian roots, as well as refuse the use of stem cells because of some theistic bullshit dogma…LOL

  8. If you think raising the top bracket to 70-90% would raise revenues than you probably need to go back and study some economics as well.

    As to the rest of that, perhaps they all need a lesson in the constitution. In some cases certainly the 10 commandments shouldn’t be displayed as they were. Certainly some people want to teach creation instead of the scientific theory. But some people want to force me to buy health care against my will, I don’t see where that is allowed in the constitution either.

    I don’t get your stem cells thing. If people wish to refuse a treatment than that’s their business, not any of yours.

    Children “LOL” how old are you? It’s a bit much killer.

  9. Aww shucks =)

  10. What I’ve never understood about the idea of tax cuts for the rich to stimulate the economy is that, as one wealthy person told me, “I spend what I’m going to spend, and the rest goes in the bank.” Tax cuts don’t stimulate growth, unmet demand stimulates growth. Sure, there are some rich people with insatiable appetites who will spend all of the additional money. But most will just stick their money in the bank (or invest and drive up asset prices simply because they have to invest in something). In an environment where banks aren’t lending, that is the worst way to create jobs–the money just sits in the bank.

    The rest is here:

  11. That’s wonderful.

    I’ve never been a big proponent of the idea that tax cuts for anyone stimulate the economy. As he says, “I spend what I’m going to spend, and the rest goes in the bank.” The same is true for me, although I’m not wealthy.

    What I have always said it that since tax revenues start to be reduced above a certain level, there’s no point in going too high. People, rich or poor, will adjust their behavior to accommodate these increases.

    Revenues could be increased by making the tax code simpler. Certainly taxing the rich more isn’t going to stimulate the economy.

    Rich people also invest in government debt, there is that to be considered as well.

  12. Take a look at this nonsense:


  13. But you entirely miss the point.

    These deficits began after Clinton’s surpluses due to Republican control and their implementation of tax cuts and dismantling of regulations.

  14. The top tax bracket isn’t much lower than when Clinton was president! 4.9% lower!

    These deficits were caused by spending too much. An illness which the Democrats inherited and went pro with.

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