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As most Mainers know by now, our governor has taken to removing a labor mural from the Department of Labor. His whole point is to be a prissy little dick to everyone who isn’t a Teabagger. That is frustrating enough. But what really gets me is that he keeps telling people to get over it and to talk about something important – Hey, Paul LeDouche, you started this conversation. This is purely your fault. Own your idiocy.

14 Responses

  1. He might have started it, but there’s plenty of people all too happy to carry it on when they could be devoting their energies to something useful.

    Like Other Michael said, a blank wall would be an improvement.

  2. If someone would be so kind as to use black spraypaint over every public display of the Ten Commandments, maybe then we could have a sensible discussion about “ignoring trivial stuff like this and focusing on something important,” hmm?

    Because I’m sure the reactionary right would employ those same standards of prioritization when it comes to something trivial like THAT.

  3. God or no God, I’m not sure very many people would say one of the oldest codified system of law in the world is something trivial.

    A mural showing labor triumphing over evil business at every turn in the supposedly neutral Department of Labor… Yes I can see it being taken down. Just as the ten commandments are required to be taken down should they be there for religious rather than historical reasons.

    By all means keep whining if it makes you feel better though.

  4. What’s your proposed mural for depicting the history of the labor movement–‘crimes against corporate benefactors’? Would that be “neutral” enough for you?

    Sadly, reality doesn’t conform to right-wing fantasies.

  5. I just don’t think the neutral arbiter should have their rooms named after labor leaders and a pro-union mural any more than they should have a pro-business one and their rooms named after railroad barons.

    Neutral means neutral. I don’t think a mural of any kind is really needed. The only things that should be on the walls of state buildings should be a picture of the governor and department officials as far as I’m concerned. Perhaps department history as well. Just like the president and such are seen in federal buildings.

    Sadly, my sentiments don’t fit into your caricature of right wing beliefs.

  6. If the walls need to be neutral (which is bullshit), then we certainly should never have LePage’s mug on anything.

  7. The government shouldn’t project neutrality?

  8. The Department of Labor ought to honor relevant history. It isn’t reality’s fault business’ track record is too shitty to honor.

  9. Organized labors history reads just as horrible as business’ if you ask me.

    More like organized crime history in some parts.

  10. I just wish we could put those kids on that mural back to work.

  11. For less than minimum wage.

  12. On the weekend.

  13. Without vacations.

  14. Yes talk about the good things! Not the thuggery and violence in parts.

    Doesn’t mean unions are bad or that business is bad, just that neither have always used Lever 2000, to keep all their 2000 parts clean.

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