Your feminism has nothing to do with my atheism

To top things off in the elevator non-incident that feminists and PZ Myers blew out of proportion, PZ has said this:

Comments closed here, because I’ve put up with enough of the hysterical delusions of people offended by calm, nuanced, proportionate statements. It’s like the responses to those mild bus signs like “You can be good without god” that leave some people profoundly and irrationally upset. We’ve now found an analog: “guys, don’t do that.”

Nobody was offended by proportionate statements, you pissant little liar. They were offended that you and your ilk called every member of a diverse group sexist, misogynistic, and women-haters. I thought lying was below Myers, but when it comes to upping his cred amongst feminists, nothing is below him.

Oh, and drawing an analogy between atheist signs and this non-incident? Aside from the fact that Myers and others have already lied and acted like it has been “teh menz” who have made this into a big deal, feminism has nothing to do with atheism. Nothing. I’m tired of him thinking he can associate the two subjects. But then, this borders on philosophy. And as we’ve seen, Myers is to philosophy as creationists are to science.

25 Responses

  1. Are you two breaking up?

  2. I’ve long loathed his excessive posts about feminism. He does the same shit everyone else does and accuses any disagreement as being indicative of hating women. Plus he has always sucked at philosophy. Not Jack Hudson suckiness, but a high degree of suckitude nonetheless.

  3. The default argument of most Pharyngulites on these issues runs along these lines:

    “Men have been doing something that many women find offensive. Therefore, men need to shut up and listen to women explain why their actions are wrong, and how men need to change in order to make women happy. To do otherwise makes you an asshole.”

    Sounds perfectly reasonable (to a radical feminist), right? So let’s reverse the genders:

    “Women have been doing something that many men find offensive. Therefore, women need to shut up and listen to men explain why their actions are wrong, and how women need to change in order to make men happy. To do otherwise makes you an asshole.”

    Care to guess how that statement would be received by Myers’ fans?

  4. They would rightly point out that men have not been the ones on the short end of the stick historically. I see your point, and double standards certainly do exist within feminism, but I don’t disagree with the need for a different perspective.

    Where I think the big problem is with the movement, especially on the Internet, is the complete lack of patience to briefly explain why this or that is an issue.

  5. I wish you would take this tack when you try and connect other unrelated things such as conservatism and racism, or libertarianism and greed.

  6. I’m with Copyleft here – you don’t work against one type of oppression or discrimination by giving the formerly oppressed group special privileges. You do it by removing the discrimination – for both groups.

    You don’t make women equal to men – which they obviously are – by requiring men to cater to some supposed special needs of women. That’s still discrimination and you’re still sending the signal that women are weaker and we need to tread carefully around them.

  7. Your attack on PZ mystefies me. It’s through him I found your site when he was defending you!!!!

  8. One’s transgressions shouldn’t go unnoticed because of past services rendered. Michael is no politician.

  9. I’ve just grown especially tired of these caricature feminist tactics of placing all the blame for anything bad on men. Besides that, I get the strong sense that PZ makes the number of feminist posts he does just so he can gain credibility amongst the group. Not that he doesn’t believe half the shit he says, but I have trouble believing he’s being 100% genuine with his frequency of posts.

  10. Of course he isn’t. But lately it seems he’s on a mission to become some sort of leader of atheism, and he’s smart enough to know that if you get the women in your club, the men follow.

  11. I think that depends on the type of women… Frankly, These are the types of people I travel armed because of.

  12. “Nobody was offended by proportionate statements, you pissant little liar”

    Ah, so Rebecca Watsons video consisted of disproportionate statements?

  13. Try and follow along here: Myers accused those who disagree with him as the ones who made this into a big deal. I then pointed out that it was Myers and his ilk who made this into an International incident.

    Now, I’m going to try and parse this out even more for you, but given how stupid you’ve already shown yourself to be, I may be taking too big of a risk. Do read this a few times: Watson has also taken part in the “hysteria” (I know Myers can use that word, but if I throw it out there, why, I’m just using code words to keep women down). That her video contained proportionate statements is irrelevant. That doesn’t somehow magically prove she hasn’t said something that does not fit the situation. Hell, I bet I can find a few reasonable quotes from even the craziest of crazy involved in all this. But a sprinkle of reasonableness does not excuse the mound of freaking out we’ve seen almost exclusively from Myer’s and Watson’s side.

  14. “That her video contained proportionate statements is irrelevant”

    No, it’s very relevant, because that’s what PZ is referring to here.

    What’s with the insults, by the way? I asked you a simple question.

  15. The “conflict” is arising from the fact that once again, radical feminists are angrily ‘explaining’ why men are Bad and Dumb, and some of them don’t seem to be taking the insults well and apologizing the way they should. (For some strange reason.)

    MGTOW has a lot going for it, from my view.

  16. I think PZ has gone off the deep end on this one, and I have lost a lot of respect for him. I agree with you that feminism has NOTHING to do with atheism.

  17. PZ was referring to a general class of statements, not a specific line here or there.

    He’s the one that made the big, condescending post about how to approach women, it was his commenters who drew connections with rape, and it’s been the feminist blogging community that has been up-in-arms about this. Virtually everything else has been a reaction to that.

    Watson: A guy asked me something that was awkward. I’d prefer others did not do the same.

    Everyone else: (Unaware)

    PZ: Teh atheist menz are a problem! All of them!

    Everyone else: Oh, wait. What? What’s the issue here? Some inept guy struck out, took “no” for an answer, and went on his way? What are you blathering on about?


  18. Do we even know if this guy was an atheist?

  19. It was at an atheist conference.

  20. That doesn’t mean a whole lot. I read many atheist blogs and I’m as catholic as the Pope.

  21. Here is a link where, shortly before drawing connections to rape and other forms of sexual assault, Watson says the man was an atheist.

  22. “PZ: Teh atheist menz are a problem! All of them!”

    PZ never said that. Stop being a drama queen.

  23. It’s sort of entertaining how it’s a thing for feminists to use words they loathe when referring to men. PZ did it with “hysteria” (and it was full-on projection), and now you’ve done it with “drama queen”.

    Anyway. PZ has made three or four posts where he blames men, the atheist community, and anyone who disagrees with him. This isn’t up for debate.

  24. “PZ has made three or four posts where he blames men, the atheist community, and anyone who disagrees with him. This isn’t up for debate.”

    Yes, actually, it is. Quote PZ Myers blaming men in genereal, the atheist community in general and people who disagree with him in general, please.

  25. Here’s one example, at least:

    Atheist men are alienating the people we want to work with us on the very same problems

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