Thank you, Wal-Mart

I don’t hate everything the corporate giant has given us.


7 Responses

  1. Over here in Germany WALMART was a HUGE FAIL.
    Turns out that Germans have labor laws to protect their workers. Retail laws that prevents ‘loss leader’ pricing that aims to run other businesses into the ground. In addition, Germans are already blessed with the lowest grocery prices in Europe, making it difficult to break into the market.

    Also, Germans were creeped out by the smiling greeters.

    Believe it or not, the person tasked with breaking into the German market was a Walmart exec with no international experience in the German market, lacking even the ability to speak the language.

    I got all this info from a PDF of a business students thesis on the subject I found through Google. The thesis was probably fifty pages total, there was SO MUCH EPIC fail to cover.


  2. I heart Wal-Mart. A small business that got big.

  3. And like anything that gets too big, it got arrogant, corrupt, and destructive.

    Nice to hear that other countries have some SANE policies that prevent such behemoths from getting a stranglehold on the economy.

  4. I take it you don’t include government in “anything that gets too big”.

  5. Of course I do. Which is why we have checks and balances, as well as accountability to the public in the form of voting.

    What are the comparable constraints on corporate power? “Voting with your dollars” or similar proven failures? The invisible hand is crippled.

  6. You don’t think ‘voting with your dollars’ works?

    Isn’t that exactly how smaller stores “get pushed out”?

  7. No, that’s through a little trick called “selling below cost.” The bigger company with more of a cash reserve can survive it, the smaller competitor can’t.

    Then, once the competition is gone, the prices go back up. The “free market” inevitably produces monopolies and increased wealth gaps.

    Capitalism–at least, in its unregulated form–is incompatible with freedom and democracy.

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