And an abuse of philisophy

Given my need to use a link within a recent post, I clicked over to Punching Bag Neil’s site. I found one of his traditional trolling Red Herring Theist posts where he says atheists have no grounding for atheism. Quoting another Red Herring Theist, he poses this question:

Here are some questions you can ask Richard Dawkins (and by extension any new atheist) the next time you sit next to him on a bus:…

• What makes your moral standard more than a subjective opinion or personal preference? What makes it truly binding or obligatory? Why can’t I just ignore it? Won’t our end be the same (death and the grave) either way?

I know Neil has this nasty habit of insulating himself from most outside criticism – it’s a common thing in the Christian blogosphere – but I would like to turn the question back on him and his silly little Christian brethren. What makes your moral standards more than subjective? How do you objectively know God exists? How do you objectively know anything in the Bible is true? Are you God himself? If not, then what method are you using to get outside yourself? After all, if you’re using a human brain to interpret anything, you can’t possibly be doing something which is not 100% subjective.

So why are you raising yourself to the level of God, Neil? Aren’t you being disrespectful to your particular, cultural icon?

7 Responses

  1. Of course, I would be remiss were I not to mention that the above quote assumes that for something to be moral, it must also be objective. Putting the cart before the horse and begging the question is something near and dear to many Christians when it comes to their incoherent discussions of morality.

  2. Aw, isn’t that cute? The little theist shoots himself in the foot.

    At least we can explain were morals come from, giving us a real guideline for determining right from wrong: simple survival instict. Anything that strengthens the flock increases your own chances of survival, so anything moral is something that increases the overall strength of the flock, whether that is humanity as a whole or your local group of close friends and family.
    To theists it’s all “well.. uh… God says so.” Even if we accept that as fact, how does that show us that it’s moral? How do we know God does what’s best for us? Oh, he said that too?

  3. Such a stupid set of questions from The theist. It is NOT binding or obligatory.

  4. I love how he congratulates himself on how incredibly hard these questions are for us to answer. Yeah, about that… my 14-year-old sister could answer them in three seconds.

    1: It’s a concept. An idea. They don’t have physical properties, please don’t tell me he doesn’t understand that.
    2: Out of necessity. Any lifeform much more advanced than an amoeba would die out in no time without any concept of morality. Evolution explains it perfectly.
    3: Nothing makes it “truly binding” and you can. The fact that murderers exist should make that pretty clear.

  5. If you can’t even prove that your god exists, then how can you possibly know detailed information about said god, eg: how it wants you to behave?

    And if you don’t have solid evidence of how it wants you to behave (which you clearly don’t, since you can’t even prove that it exists), then how can your interpretation of it’s morals be anything but subjective?

  6. My beloved Grandmother had an answer;”Do unto others as you would do for yourself”. That, in a nut shell, excludes any imaginary God and places a moral bond with with your fellow man.

  7. I love how the real theist nuts keep claiming that “without eternal consequences in the afterlife, there’s no reason to obey moral laws–or any laws at all!”

    As if 100% secular, mortal consequences like imprisonment and execution don’t exist.

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