More abuse of science

It’s a common tactic for anti-gay bigots to distort science. One of their favorites ways to do so is to find studies which are limited in their scope to ‘traditional’ families, but then they take a wrecking ball to the science by pretending that they’re looking at something comparative. I documented one bigot who did just that.

But that isn’t their only tactic. So long as they can distort a scientific study in some way, they will. Take this instance of an anti-gay bigot from the Congressional hearings on the repeal of DADT.

This is common not only of Christians, but much of the conservative movement. So long as a citation is being made, they think they’ve proven their case. Who cares if their source actually contradicts what they have to say?

3 Responses

  1. Distortion is a common tactic of the right wing. They have little morality, especially evangelicals who tell any lie that will suit their purpose.

  2. Distortion is a common tactic of dishonest people. I’m no Al Franken fan, but he nailed this one. Good job

  3. I see a lot of this from Intelligent Design fans; they know they need a lot of citations to make their claims LOOK scientific… but they forget that people can then LOOK UP those sources and discover that they say the OPPOSITE of what the IDiots claim.

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