I found that exercise

Awhile back I made a post about weight lifting exercises. In it I wrote about a particular exercise my grandfather had taught me, but I couldn’t find a video of it. I found something similar, but with some caveats:

The difference between that and what I do is that I don’t hop and split my feet. Instead I press and squat all in one motion. (Unfortunately YouTube searches for “one arm press and squat” either yield kettlebell exercises or simple one arm presses coupled with separate squats.)

Well, I took another look at the picture I have of my grandfather doing the exercise and in the caption underneath it, it actually says what the exercise is. (I didn’t have the picture with me when I made that post and it must have slipped my mind to look later on.) It’s called a cleave and jerk. Unfortunately, any search with those terms tends to yield undesirable results. You know, the sort of results the Internet is more well known for. In fact, I’m sure if I did find the actual exercise, Rule 34 would somehow manage to apply to it.

But there you have it. The one-arm cleave and jerk. Don’t search it.

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