We aren’t a Christian nation, but…

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  2. For a nation that doesn’t help the poor, we spend an awful lot of money doing so.

  3. I believe American evangelicals have largely gone for Option A: pretend Jesus was a supply-side Republican who wanted more corporate tax cuts.

  4. …the influence of fundamentalist Evangelical Christianity, which explicitly and actively teaches people (1) to eschew empiricism whenever it undermines faith; (2) to fear pragmatism and prefer moral, economic, and spiritual absolutism instead; (3) to fret that open-mindedness is the path to destruction while closed-minded adherence to ancient texts and dogmas are the path to national salvation; (4) to spurn the new as heresy and denounce the ideal of a transformed future as a desire to betray a golden past; (5) to slavishly obey obsolete traditions; and (6) to celebrate and promote authoritarian domination of prisoners, the “lazy” poor, and foreigners around the globe.

    This is taken from this thoughtful post:

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