Thought of the day

The effectiveness of the argument from complexity and arguments from ignorance baffles me. That life is difficult to understand or that we don’t know how it began (or how the Universe came to be) are not valid reasons for concluding in a designer. They just aren’t.

4 Responses

  1. “Because we can’t come to a conclusion, your conclusion is wrong”.

    Very compelling.

    I much prefer the old “we don’t know and neither do you” routine.

  2. I didn’t say any particular conclusion was wrong. I said the conclusions being drawn do not follow from the arguments being made.

  3. Fair enough

  4. Looking back through human history, I note that every time science didn’t have an immediate explanation for something, some fool declared “It must be magic/God!”

    And every time, he was proven wrong. Maybe we should stop defaulting to the silly explanation every time we don’t have an immediate answer?

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