Another important Halloween note

Last year I noted that Twix is awesome and kids hate coconut. This year I want to expand my advice to the candy-givers out there:

  • No apples. This is not candy. I hope your house gets egged.
  • No pennies. In addition to not being candy, all this tells me is that you’re cheap.
  • No quarters. You’re still a cheap, non-candy giver.
  • No dog bones. I know this is a weird one, but I actually got this once.
  • If you leave out a bunch of bags of candy with a note saying “TAKE ONE”, you should expect one child to TAKE ALL. That’s what you get for being lazy.

And finally, for the parents: Stop making your kids wear jackets. I know it’s probably cold out there, but 1) the common cold does not actually come from being cold and 2) your kids have the best costumes, like, EVER! Let them show off their awesomeness for one night.