Welcome to the Anthropocene

Globaia.org has put together a great video of the impact humanity has had on the world over the past several hundred years. I think the worst part has to be the fact that CO2 levels in the atmosphere today are higher than they’ve been in the past million years or so. But hey. Maybe it’s just coincidence, amirite?

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  1. I’ve found an interesting site which claims that we humans are not responisble for the warming of the atmosphere, here is a TL/DR version of the facts presented on this site:

    – there have been major temperature variations even in the last 1000 years (“little ice age”, medieval warm period)

    – the temperature measurements presented by the media are from ground based stations, which are misleading: it’s better to look at satallite data, which shows none to very little temperature increase

    – CO2 levels have been increasing for the last 18.000 years

    – IMO a very interesting fact: we are thought that temperature increases beacuse there is more CO2: in reality, it’s the other way around: first the temperature increases and only then (800 years later) CO2 levels start rising

    – humans contribute only to 0.28% of greenhouse effect

    – 186 billion tons of CO2 enter earth atmosphere every year from various sources, 6 billion from humans

    – at 380 parts per million, the current CO2 level is actualy quite small compared to the long history of earth (by that I mean in millions of years)

    Here is the actual site:

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