Thought of the day

Happiness is happiness and morality is morality and sadness is sadness and joy is joy because it all must end.

Silly atheist, celebrations are for religions

Oh no! Christmas is coming upon us! Me, but a lowly atheist, what am I to do?

As is well-known fact, all atheists are merely “jealous of the Yuletide season”. Isn’t it obvious? We have no Jesus. We have no God. We have no cause to celebrate anything!

So what am I suppose to do this Friday? Sure, I’ve bought presents. My brother, who I hope isn’t a regular reader at the moment, will probably be pretty psyched about his Super Nintendo (complete with Super Mario Kart). And yeah, the rest of my family will be happy to receive their gifts. And yes! I know! All my second cousins, many yet to hit double-digits in age, will glow with joy while A Christmas Story plays in the background during their present opening. And gosh darn it! It’s no secret my aunt and uncle and cousins and (older) second cousins and great aunt and great uncle and parents and brother and grandmother will all be so happy to be together to catch up and remember and reacquaint and even just see each other even though some may have seen each other just the week before. (Deep breath after that one.) But so what? There’s no Jebus!

I mean, honestly. How could I ever derive a cause to celebrate out of all that? I have no deity to worship. I have no stranger-filled church to attend. Where o where might I find reason to do anything this December 25th?