Be nice or I’ll sue!

I recently got an email from an irate reader concerning something I wrote about naturopathy. She sent her letter to the address I have set up for my paper, Without Apology, but I never printed anything of relevance in there. She also did not specify which piece of writing she was referencing. I’ve actually written several posts about naturopathic ‘medicine’. Probably the one with the toughest language, however, was this one. There I called Christopher Maloney, local naturopathic ‘doctor’, a charlatan, mountebank, and quack. All those terms were supported by clear refutations and short examinations of the lies Maloney was peddling. I can’t be sure if that’s what set off the reader, but here’s what she had to say.

Dear Michael Hawkins,

I am writing you a friendly letter to let you know that you might want to write an apology to Dr. Maloney for your article. I don’t think you really educated yourself on his medical education. And unfortunately for you, his wife is a lawyer. What you wrote is slander, and you definitely might be in a allot of trouble. Fact, he is a Naturopathic Doctor. People actually travel all over the country just to get an appointment to see him. But did you know you have to be a DO. or an MD. Oh, from your article it sounds like you might not know allot about the medical field. This type of doctor goes to medical school and study’s more osteopathic type of medicine. Thiers even a highly credited school in Maine called UNE :). And then you have an MD :) which is the one your probably more familiar with. Both study’s require at least 10 yrs. of medical schooling. Now a Homeopathic Doctor, or Naturopathic Doctor has to become a DO, or an MD before their aloud to study Naturopathic, or Homeopathic medicine. Which is usually an additional 2-4 yrs. of additional medicine. So yes, Dr. Maloney has been to over 12yrs. of medical school. And when he feels necessary, he will prescribe traditional medicine as you call it. But most of the time he try’s to heal threw more natural means because most people heal quicker threw natural means :). So a little bit more about him……. He went to Harvard, yup the big school of medicine LOL, and Brown LOL so he pretty smart and extremely educated. So yes, be careful before you put something in print OK :). The article made you look very silly :)

Wishing You The Best,
Cheryl :)

My favorite part is that after the threats and insults, she wishes me ‘the best’. No, really.

It’s perplexing that Cheryl has chosen to focus on Maloney’s medical education. I never raised that as an issue. I mean, creationists have completed bio programs from Harvard; that doesn’t mean I’m about to defer to them. But, at the least, she’s inaccurate. He did go to Harvard, but I see nothing about Brown. Also, notice the information Maloney includes as part of his education.

* B.A. Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
* Diploma in Continuing Health Studies, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
* Four year medical degree from National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Portland,Oregon.
* National science boards and clinical medicine boards.
* Year in Singapore and Malaysia studying medicine with homeopaths, naturopaths, and osteopaths as well as traditional Chinese healers.
* Licensed in the state of Maine as a naturopathic doctor.

First, noticed nothing about Brown. Second, I reject the overall legitimacy of naturopathic schools, even if they do manage to get accredited. Maloney’s school, for instance, teaches Classical Chinese medicine. What does that include, you ask?

Cupping: A type of Chinese massage, cupping consists of placing several glass “cups” (open spheres) on the body. A match is lit and placed inside the cup and then removed before placing the cup against the skin. The resulting effect is the burning of oxygen within the cup, creating a relative vacuum, that allows the cup to stick right to the skin via suction. When combined with massage oil, the cups can be slid around the back, offering what can only be thought of as a reverse-pressure massage.

And third, notice that two of the final three things Maloney lists are not parts of his education, but rather his C.V. And need I say anything of studying cupping and similar exercises with Malaysian homeopaths?

In the process of making this post I’ve noticed a second email. This one is from a J. Smith. It’s clear he’s referring to the letter I had published in the local paper. It’s also clear that he had a bit more to get off his chest. I’m not going to take the time (at least right now) to respond to all he’s had to say, but I will paste his email in the comment section of this post.

Correction: I did sort of bring up Maloney’s education when I spoke of his qualifications. But again, this goes back to the creationist analogy. A person can have a bio degree, but if he believes in instant creation, he’s unqualified to tell me anything about evolution.

Also, I had forgotten the email for Without Apology was listed under my letter to the editor.

4 Responses

  1. What exactly are you heralding in the allopathic world of “alternative” medicine? The fact that your liver
    cannot even recognize or break down most drugs that merely relieve but not cure?? What are they
    really “sincere” about? Patents? Profit? Quackery is killing someone off who is elderly
    with a body full of chemotherapy instead of addressing their lifestyle. But there is no real money
    in that.

    I can’t believe I’m even taking the time to respond to your article but I did bother to check out
    that unwieldy website you mentioned. However, have you ever heard of “Let Food Be Thy Medicine”?
    Our diets have gotten most Americans into trouble and the big-money pharms think
    drugs, cutting and burning will get us out. Get a grip. Look up Dr. Mercola – former M.D. turned
    N.D. who sees both sides of the story.

    Do I think Naturopathic Physicians should administer prescriptions? Absolutely not.
    What natural healer would want to prescribe meds anyway??? Besides, there’s enough
    problems with allopathic doctors administering drugs, why add to the medical merry-go-round

    Before you call someone a charlatan, check out some books like “The Politics of Cancer” or
    why do most doctors who have family members that get sick, seek out natural healings before
    putting them through what clearly weakens one’s immune system or makes them toxic or plain does
    not work because it does not get to the root cause?

    Unless I’m in an accident or suffer a health crisis from some external, environmental cause, just
    give me the person who will heal me with the least amount of harm. My dear friend, it’s
    not the local physician who is eventually heavily tied in with the AMA and FDA and insurance

    Better yet, next time you feel a little unwell, try going on a raw food diet instead of reaching for that
    antacid, anti-inflammatory, painkiller, blood thinner, etc. Of course, I realize it may sound too
    simplistic to be real, but God made our bodies with the intent of being able to heal ourselves
    if we give our bodies the proper terrain. Of course, you may not feel relief overnight, but you
    have a chance on being cured. Better that than instant relief and no cure in sight.

    I’m sure you were one of the first in line to receive your H1N1 injection. That’s fine,
    but did you really do your research on the whole scope of this highly-promoted
    vaccine and what it means monetarily if most people refuse it? God forbid.


    J. Smith

    I will respond to his final point. I actually have yet to get my H1N1 vaccine, though I do plan on getting it soon since the flu tends to come in waves. Incidentally, it will be free when I get it.

  2. I’m sorry but I just have to believe that Cheryl is a Poe, the consistency with which all the classic spelling mistakes appear is laughable! Bit more subtle next time, “Cheryl”!

  3. I just want to add a little to the “cupping therapy” you mentioned. A friend, who unfortunately wasn’t very medically minded, once developed a sharp pain in her shoulder, which she thought was some physical injury. She then went to an acupuncturist for massage and “cupping therapy”. The next day, the pain worsened. So I insisted her going to the doctor. Before she knew, she was admitted by the emergency department, and later had a surgery and shoulder joint washout. Yes, it turned out to be a nasty Staphyloccocus aureus septic arthritis. She could have died a day later as the infection site was so close to the heart. Let’s not mention the months of physiotherapy she had to go through before she could again raise her arm again past her head…

    I almost laughed when I read J. Smith’s email, but at the same time I feel sorry for him.

  4. […] then there was the first threat of the Maloney Mess. It is not clear how the maker of that threat knows Maloney, but she apparently knows him well […]

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