More religious killing in Nigeria

If religion could fuel our vehicles and homes, we’d never have an energy crisis.

Sectarian violence between Christians and Muslims in central Nigeria left 326 people dead last week, a state police commissioner said Monday, pledging to bring those responsible for the killings to justice.

There are conflicting accounts about what unleashed the recent bloodshed. According to a state police commissioner, skirmishes began after Muslim youths set a Christian church ablaze, but Muslim leaders denied that. Muslims say it began with an argument over the rebuilding of a Muslim home in a predominantly Christian neighborhood that had been destroyed in November 2008.

There is disagreement on the minutiae of the violence, but there is clear agreement that religion is the root of it all.

One Response

  1. Actually, I think there is clear agreement that the root of it that is at the root of all violence; the desire for power or possessions.

    The excuses differ, the root cause is always the same.

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