Thought of the day

I suspect that not one person in the history of humanity has ever reached early adolescence and made a conscious decision about what stimuli trigger a little hormonal surge.

~PZ Myers


8 Responses

  1. Distressed daughter: Why am I acting so weird?

    Calm mother: You’re 13,dear.

  2. Even if true, I don’t think this makes all ‘hormonal surges’ suitable to act on.

  3. Consent takes care of that.

  4. Wouldn’t consent be a conscious decision?

  5. Two things:

    1) This is so much better than those crazy feminist caricatures that have been polluting the place lately.

    2) Yes. Go on.

  6. Yes, I have felt great sympathy for you lately – and I might have put a good word in for you on those threads, but quite frankly I didn’t want to inadvertently invite some of those folks over to my blog – I would rather have low readership.

    And briefly because I have to run, my point is simply that despite the fact that we may not control what ‘surges our hormones’, we generally expect that we don’t act on those surges – often at all.

  7. That expectation is only legitimate when there is some major downside to the act. Provided there is consent, the downside of certain urges (homosexual ones) is no different from the downside of other, more common urges (heterosexual ones).

  8. I would think in ‘early adolescence’ there are lots of downsides to acting on any such urges.

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