The incoherent ramblings of Andreas Moritz

One positive that immediately came from Andy Moritz whining about my Facebook fan page of him is that I know he still reads this blog. I never directly sent him any of the information about the page, so unless he happened to go searching for himself within hours of me creating it, then he got his information here. That’s swell because now he can read this. (Hi, Andy!)

Moritz often says the most incoherent bullshit. The man is a moron with no grasp on anything. This holds especially true for the basics of biology.

When one or more amino acids become depleted, DNA or RNA molecules break apart, leaving behind their protein fragments labeled HIV.

This doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. It’s likes he found a few buzzwords in the glossary of a biology textbook and just randomly strung them together. Is he saying amino acids are proteins? Or does he mean DNA/RNA? Either way he’s as wrong as his syntax. And is he saying HIV is a protein? The quack is utterly incoherent.

But there’s more. This is from his shitty fan page.

Exercise to only half your capacity. Tiring yourself only defeats the very purpose. Exercise is supposed to make you feel refreshed, revitalized and energetic. As you proceed, your capacity for exercise will naturally increase.

Exactly. Exercise should be a walk in the park. It ought to be easy, untiring, and not even feel like exercise. That’s how all those people in infomercials get the way they are. They really just half-ass it and suddenly get buff as hell. Wait, what? Why doesn’t anyone believe me? Fine, don’t take my word for it. Andreas Moritz is the one with all the muscles (and not gaunt and weak or anything*).

One the most important discoveries ever made about man’s number one killer disease is rarely mentioned in reports on heart disease and its contributing risks, but this doesn’t make it less real. The greatest risk factors of developing heart disease are job satisfaction and the happiness rating.

Really? Where are your studies? Where is all the evidence? The moron doesn’t have any. This is just his ill-begotten opinion. He knows nothing.

If you want to help a sick person but do not know how, hold his/her hand in yours. This does more to help the person’s condition than any amount of sympathetic words could do.

This pretty much captures this guy. He doesn’t actually help anyone. And while he holds someone’s hand, he has his other hand in that person’s wallet. The condition of greed and deceit under which Moritz lives is greatly helped by this, far more so than any amount of sympathetic words could do.

*If you delete that picture, Andy, I have it saved and will upload it so we can all have yet another chuckle at your expense.

4 Responses

  1. No worries. Here’s a vid of the good dr. as he displays his genius in yet another “healing” endeavor. Painting. :

    His head is at least two sizes too big for his body.

  2. I agree with everything but the weak/gaunt part. His ‘half exercise is the best exercise’ argument is going to make it very hard for people who are in poor physical condition to make actual improvements, but /any/ exercise is a good thing.

    Making fun of his looks and/or body shape doesn’t really help; he doesn’t look especially unhealthy, and since his whole schtick consists of convincing people that he is fabulously healthy thanks to his own quackery, a lot of people would seem to agree.

  3. He doesn’t look especially unhealthy, but my point is that the man is far from someone who knows jackshit about exercising.

  4. wow, damn reading this site has made me laugh. where did you guys FIND this character Andreas? I’m not even a scientist and that claptrap is perfectly obvious jibber.

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