I made a bet

I’m still not entirely sure who everyone is betting with all these Facebook groups, but I nevertheless made a bet myself. I bet my group can get more members than Andreas Moritz’s fan page.

Since Moritz is one heck of a whiner, I specifically designed this group to just state the bat shit crazy things he actually believes.

Andreas Moritz thinks cancer is caused by the victim, is not a disease, and he is against all things true. The man also says AIDS and diabetes are not diseases. He has no grasp of basic biology.

Okay, I also pointed out his lack of education in biology, but it’s also entirely true. The man is a mook. Unfortunately, he’s an extremely dangerous mook. He is a legitimate threat to the health of anyone dumb enough to listen to him. And that’s what this is all about. He has partially made himself a target of mine because he’s also a class-A douche, but even if he could take his lumps and swallow them like an adult, I would still be passionate about exposing his quackery. I really mean it when I say lives are at risk. This guy has no idea what the hell is going on but he still thinks it’s okay if he tells cancer patients dangerous things. And we all know the reason why: he’s a charlatan. He wants the money of vulnerable people. Andreas Moritz is one of the biggest pieces of shit there is and it is a good thing that people know that.

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