“Acknowledgment of Complaint”

To my utter delight, included in my mail today was a letter from the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation acknowledging my complaint about Christopher Maloney.

After the complaint is docketed, the complaint coordinator acknowledges receipt of the complaint and sends a copy to the licensee. The licensee is asked to respond within 30 days. Upon receipt of the licensee’s response, a copy is sent to the complainant. The complainant is asked to reply within 10 days, but a reply is not mandatory. The complainant’s reply, like the original complaint, is shared with the licensee.

I can’t wait.

7 Responses

  1. Maloney gets called out for his baloney. Great.

  2. while I agree his “medicine” is most probably nonsense, if people are crazy enough to believe it will work I’m sure it will sometimes, for some things. placebo effect and all.

    “eat this magic bean, your stress will be gone!”

  3. did he ever call the police?

  4. He claims to have done so. But then he also claims I stuffed a paper in his screen door, that I know when he is and isn’t home, and that my university recommended me “counseling” – none of it is true.

    Oh, and he told people to use black elderberry in lieu of real medicine. Lies and lies.

  5. i have a chronic pain issue from an injury i sustained in the army and they keep trying to push “alternative medicine” on me since nothing conventional has really worked.

    like i said if you believe it will work it may depending on the issue, the brain controls the body after all. the game is probably played by claiming “black elderberry” works, to cure acne lets say, than hoping the placebo effect will take over and truly fix the issue.

    i don’t think they should let them call themselves doctors. I’m all for free markets and if this guy wants to market his snake oil good for him but the state endorsing it as proven medicine is taking it a little far.

    than again i studied history, not medicine, so what do i know.

  6. needless to say i’m not going to listen to the VA here, a lot of them are likely inferior to even this guy.

  7. I agree that everyone has the right to fleece whomever they can, just as long as people like Mikey has to opportunity to call them out for the charlatans they are, and the gummint doesn’t try to protect the landed gentry instead of the truth.

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