Aaaand another Symphony of Science

I find this one is the most well composed musically. It’s also the worst one.

3 Responses

  1. Not technically part of Symphony of Science, just a one off made by the same guy ;)

    Also……interested to know why you don’t like it, I’m no expert in music and I don’t know really what you mean when you say it’s “well composed musically” either :P

  2. Hm. The video is tagged with those terms, but I suppose it isn’t actually labelled as such. My error.

    By musical composition – and I’m not pretending to be an expert here – I mean the beat and vocals actually match up. In the other videos, the vocals are often out of rhythm with everything else. In those, the composer relies the auto-tuner to compensate for the miscues.

  3. Ah, yeah I getcha. Some of the others do have rather awkwardly long sentences, I found the David Attenborough one really awkward when I first heard it.

    (Having said that it’s one of my favourites now!)

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