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Anyone who tries to link Darwin and Hitler is being a dishonest hack.

9 Responses

  1. Social Darwinism has nothing to do with Darwin or evolution by natural selection.

  2. The same can be said of those who try and link global warming skeptics and holocaust deniers.

  3. No, it can’t. No one is claiming that to believe one of those inherently leads to the other. Instead the issue revolves around denialism.

    The Darwin-Hitler connection is a false one that its proponents know is a lie (which wouldn’t undermine any bit of science even if it were true, anyway). The global warming-Holocaust denialism is an issue of something more fundamental: a global warming denier probably isn’t a Holocaust denier too, but a denialist is both of those and much, much more.

  4. Once again, negative people like Nate take pot shots without actually using facts and evidence. Yet another form of dishonesty.

  5. Agreed, though there will always be those who see Darwinism -> eugenics -> holocaust. As a motivation for what happened, however…

    What I find the most dishonest is arguing so that people will think Darwinism is wrong because it is associated with the holocaust. It’s like saying radioactivity doesn’t exist because nuclear bombs are bad. Completely dishonest, appealing to emotion, hacks!

  6. Blagh blagh blagh.

    The fact is, it is still A is the same as B, although they are nothing alike, so B is bad therefor A must also be bad.

    The link between Hitlers eugenics and Darwins natural selection? nothing.

    The link between documented historical fact, the holocaust, and speculation about what an ill understood natural system will be doing in 10, 25 or 100 years…

    Even less.

  7. Gravity can be used to push people out of windows or off cliffs, people forget that evolution isn’t the only immoral theory taught in schools!!!!

  8. No one is saying global warming denial is bad because some of those same people also deny that HIV leads to AIDS. The two ideas are bad for their own distinct reasons – there is no If A, then B implication.

  9. The earth is warming. Human CO2 emissions have risen in this same time period. Therefore…. unfortunately there is no clear line between the two, unless one can tie other warming events in recorded history to human CO2 emissions.

    It may be true it may not be true. If it is true than no one should be getting a pass out of emissions standards. Developing country or not.

    The climate is too complex for us to predict at this point. Everyone says climate is not weather but that’s not entirely true. We cannot predict climate anymore accurately than they can tell us what next weeks weather will be.

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