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No scientist would ever reach the conclusions drawn by any religion if no religion ever existed.

22 Responses

  1. True science can only answer how, its terrible at answering why. What a grand world of robots you envision.

  2. Except Francis Collins. He is raptured with waterfalls and draws inane conclusions based on it.

    Religion is a complete non-starter in answering why and it is immoral while doing it. Religion answers nothing except how to try to control others with irrational, detrimental tactics.

  3. I’m simply saying that science and religion are hardly even concerned with the same things.

    Apples and oranges. Of course the same conclusions wouldn’t be reached.

  4. In terms of life:

    How: the mechanisms of evolution.

    Why: DNA perpetuates self-replication.

  5. That’s still a how not a why. Why does DNA do so?

  6. Where is the why in religion? god said so? LOL

    There is no why in religion, no how, only a what: fairy tale stories.

  7. Why does DNA do so?

    It replicates according to the laws of physics. That’s why. The question of how it does that yields a different answer.

  8. Its bigger than religion, don’t limit your self to that. All kinds of philosophy are required because a lot of questions are outside the realm of science.

    It cant answer the why that most humans crave to know.

  9. I’m still waiting to hear a ‘why’ that is satisfied by religion. Or a how, or a what, or the answer to any that religion supplies.

  10. It satisfies some people. That’s what matters.

    Some find consolation in science alone, in the idea that everything is meaningless and just…. is.

    Some desire something else and find it in any one of various philosophies or religions.

    On this vary blog I read a statement to the effect of life being about extracting the most pleasure you can from it. People find pleasure in many different ways.

  11. So, therefore, no answer to any ‘why’ question.

  12. Of course not. There are no right answers.

    Unfortunately the only thing science tells us is we exist. Many if not most people desire the answer to “why we exist” or “why does anything exist”.

    Science can’t answer either of those questions or, indeed, any questions in their class.

  13. Science can’t answer either of those questions or, indeed, any questions in their class.

    Religion can’t answer either of those questions or, indeed, any questions in their class or in any other class.

  14. Unfortunately the only thing science tells us is we exist.

    Totally untrue and a very stupid statement.

  15. Still stuck on your rampage about religion. Apparently unable to see the forest through the trees.

    In the end all science can say is “happened by chance”. That’s not good enough.

  16. You are the blind one. Stuck with your fairy tales and no reliance on self or reality. I know there is no external purpose and make my own. You are still looking for a daddy for guidance. Time to grow up.

  17. The “why” was answered three and a half hours ago.

  18. A self centered view if nothing else bob, who’s childish?

    If you say so.

  19. Self direction is self centered? You are a pathetic pissant joke. Tell me more of your religion’s fairy tales, if you are not too busy waiting for divine guidance so you know what to do and how to live.

  20. Oh Yes… still waiting for a ‘why’ answer from religion.

  21. Yes every day I get up and wait for Jesus to cook me eggs and bacon. Self direction isn’t self centered. Thats not what I said

  22. I hate that science=how/religion=why dichotomy. Not only is it trite, it’s untrue.

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