Uh-oh, astrologers are angered

Astrologers are all in a huff over comments made by two astronomers on BBC2 recently. In the future, they want a fair and balanced perspective given to astrology, but they want the BBC to apologize for allowing the astronomers, Professor Brian Cox and Dara O’Briain, to denigrate their ‘field’ in the first place.

Shocking stuff, I think you’ll agree.

This is not the first time that Brian Cox has waded into the astrology controversy that has raged in science for literally almost none of the last couple of centuries. The hackles of Britain’s astrologers were raised last year, when Cox took a moment during his Wonders of the Solar System series to explain to the public that “astrology is a load of rubbish,” a statement which pretty much echoes the scientific consensus on the matter, which says that, “astrology is a load of rubbish.”

American media might give in, but I don’t expect to see an apology from the BBC anytime soon.


5 Responses

  1. They ought to do it weekly until it sinks in to the gullible.

  2. I’m just upset over the addition of this 13th thingy. What horoscope do I read in the coffee news now? How will I get my lotto numbers?

  3. There are only two winning strategies over the long term for the lottery:

    1. Play every number and be sure to win.

    2. Play no numbers and keep 100% of your own money.

    I have stuck with #2 all my life.

    As far as coffee news, that is old technology, read tea leaves instead.

  4. Don’t read coffee news! Where would I get my stories about raccoons that steal light bulbs and such?!

    I never play the lottery, but its nice to know that if I ever needed the numbers, I have only to look to my horoscope to find them.

    But now I don’t know whether I’m a scorpio or whatever comes after that. (I’m clearly and avid follower of astrological happenings)

    Although I think the only astrological event likely to affect me is if a space rock crashes through the roof and bonks me on the head.

  5. The BBC will probably respond in much the same way as it did the last time the Woomongers objected to Professor Cox’s statement of fact. As I recall, it was something along the lines of “The BBC has no view on the matter and Professor Cox’s views are his own”. Apparently the BBC asked Cox if he wanted to make a statement and he offered “I apologise to the astrology community if I did not make myself clear. What I MEANT to say was that this new age drivel is undermining the very fabric of our civilisation.” But the BBC wouldn’t issue that.

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