Moral progress in Arkansas

The Arkansas Supreme Court has ruled the will of the people of Arkansas invasive and unwarranted:

The Arkansas Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a voter-approved initiative that barred gay couples and other unmarried people living together from serving as adoptive or foster parents.

Associate Justice Robert L. Brown wrote for the court that the law would encroach on adults’ right to privacy in the bedroom.

“Act 1 directly and substantially burdens the privacy rights of `opposite-sex and same-sex individuals’ who engage in private, consensual sexual conduct in the bedroom by foreclosing their eligibility to foster or adopt children,” Brown wrote.

Just like with most civil rights issues, it’s going to take the courts to bring the country up to speed – especially the south.

Silly Deuteronomy

When men strive together one with another, and the wife of the one draweth near for to deliver her husband out of the hand of him that smiteth him, and putteth forth her hand, and taketh him by the secrets: Then thou shalt cut off her hand, thine eye shall not pity her. (Deuteronomy 25:11-12)

You see, the reason Christians never seem to quote parts of the Bible like this is because, well, um, uh, uh…I got it! This was all just cultural stuff, duh! The Old Testament had parts that were only meant to apply to the Jews living in ancient times! Yeah, that’s the ticket.

After all, we all know how theists are always arguing what a moral relativist their god is.