Didn’t we already know this?

A new study says older brains are less nimble than younger brains:

The elderly have a harder time multi-tasking than young adults because older people are far less nimble at switching neurological connections in their brains between activities, according to research released on Monday.

The findings of neuroscientists from the University of California at San Francisco add new insights to a growing body of studies showing that one’s ability to move from one task to another in quick succession becomes more difficult with age.

I thought this was already pretty clear. I don’t mean from the stand point of common sense – it is clear from the position, but evidence is important in actually knowing what is true. What I mean is that for the past several years Facebook has been open to everyone. Once the company did away with requiring school email addresses to sign up, the number of technologically inept people skyrocketed, primarily with old people. (As I’ve said before, “old” does not necessarily refer to age here.) It wasn’t too long until it became obvious that quite a few old people were unable to deal with Facebook like adults. From responding to other posts by making wholly new status updates to trying to keep their conversations straight between posts, links, and statuses, anyone who has been paying attention knows that Facebook is not the place for old people.

(Click to enlarge. If old, retrieve your reading glasses.)