Fastest Boston Marathon

Geoffrey Mutai won the Boston Marathon with the fastest time ever:

Kenya’s Geoffrey Mutai won the Boston Marathon Monday in two hours three minutes and two seconds, the fastest time ever recorded over the grueling distance.

Mutai slashed almost a minute off the official world record of 2:03.59, set by Ethiopia’s Haile Gebrselassie at Berlin in 2008, but his time was not ratified as a new record because he was aided by a tailwind on a hilly course with too much downhill from start to finish.

“Boston marathon performances cannot be ratified as world records as the course does not satisfy two of the criteria for world records,” USA Track and Field told Reuters.

Whatevs. It’s still effin’ fast. And certainly faster than the 400lbs guy who completed the L.A. Marathon (which was still impressive).

Forget about the time. I’ll be happy to just run half the distance of a marathon without stopping.