Thought of the day

Kids deserve respect.

Harvard twins cannot undue FB settlement


A federal appeals court ruled Monday that former Harvard University schoolmates of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg can’t undo their settlement over creation of the social networking site.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Monday that Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss were savvy enough to understand what they were agreeing to when they signed the agreement in 2008. The deal called for a $20 million cash payment and a partial ownership of Facebook. A third classmate, Divya Narendra, was part of the settlement with the twins but did not pursue the second lawsuit seeking to undo the agreement.

Monday’s ruling upholds a lower court decision enforcing the settlement during the six years of litigation that grew so contentious that the dispute was dramatized in the Oscar-nominated film, “The Social Network.”

The settlement is now worth more than $160 million because of Facebook’s increased valuation.

As much as I have a love-hate relation with Facebook, this is good news. It’s nothing but manipulative greed and bitterness to go after more money here.

Thought of the day

Dear new version of Firefox,

When you open up a new window, usually against my wishes, and I go to close it, I would appreciate it if only that window would close. You see, what actually happens is I get a pop-up that warns me of all the tabs I will be closing. In fact, I am only closing one – the single tab in the single new window. But you don’t seem to know this. What you seem to think is that the “X” on that new window also counts as the “X” on my main window – the one with a bunch of tabs open. And to make the problem all the worse, when I click “Cancel”, meaning “No, do not close all my tabs”, you go ahead and close everything anyway. Please knock it the hell off.