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Let’s review: The Republicans hampered the success of the stimulus, they increased the deficit without benefit (again) by giving rich people more money (which will not be used to hire anyone without demand), they caused world volatility by causing gridlock about something as routine as increasing the debt limit, and now their very nature of being the Party of No has contributed, in part, to the world markets performing poorly because no one has any confidence they will pass President Obama’s jobs bill (something most economists say will be a great success).

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  1. That sums it up quite well.

    And this party of misfits is also the home of racism, xenophobia, homophobia, misogynists and those who believe in resurrected zombies and pray for the end of this world so they can go to the next one.

    The current leaders of the party are a dominionist who wants Christian armies to replace democracy and one who believes in magic underpants. Who are these walnuts???

  2. Michael, I’m not sure where you got the idea that most economists support the presidents jobs bill – I’ve read a lot of criticism, but I think you’ve missed an opportunity to kick the GOP where they really need it.

    The Republicans have long been on the side of cutting Social Security taxes, and this year President Obama and the Democrats actually got it to happen, cutting 16.1%* off for 2011. Some GOP members have switched on this issue, and its maddening. They are going to allow a tax increase, and on everyone, not just the rich.

    *Payroll tax takes two forms. The employee sees 6.2% come out of their paycheck for social security, but their employee also pays an equal amound. For 2011, the employee part was cut to 4.2% and the employer section remained at 6.2%. This employer section is also paid by the employee, only indirectly.

  3. I’m sure there is criticism, but all the news articles I’ve read point to a general and broad support for the bill.

  4. I like the tax cut, but I don’t pretend it’s a very useful one.

  5. N.E.Bob sums it up quite well me… a result, the Rethuglicans are a doomed party founded by Lincoln and ending with Rick Perry…a sublime beginning with a self detonating end.

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