I get a cookie

It’s all I ever really wanted anyway:

via PZ

5 Responses

  1. False, there would be no cookies without god. :)

  2. Getting awful close to actually making a claim aren’t you? or isn’t he? I was under the impression that atheists never do that.

  3. PZ might make positive claims as he has confused normative and descriptive statements in the past, but practical claims and philosophical claims shouldn’t be confused either.

  4. So, folks, you got any evidence for the existence of god(s)? Didn’t think so. Obviously you haven’t been following the flow chart because you haven’t been thinking about this concept in the least. Here’s a hint: Learn what the Null Hypothesis is.

  5. First, “folks”? Who the hell are you addressing? You don’t know the beliefs of any person who has posted so far: Maxim is new, Nate has not said his beliefs, and the fact that you apparently included me in your comment demonstrates you haven’t even bothered to look into this blog.

    Second, we aren’t talking about the null hypothesis here. PZ appears to be making positive claims. He’s free to do that (though he isn’t doing it out of atheism), but that leads to interesting questions as to why. After all (since, again, this has nothing to do with the null hypothesis), PZ has no evidence God does not exist.

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