Dr. Oz is a piece of shit

As long-time readers know, I despise people who knowingly put out false medical information. (Search “Maloney” or “Moritz” for examples of my fact-filled anger.) It’s irresponsible. It’s dangerous. It’s stupid. With the Republican War on Science, the American education system, and wide-spread religious belief, scientific facts don’t need more bullshit artists out there. To do away with alternative and integrative ‘medicine’ practitioners would be nothing short of wonderful. These people promote unproven procedures and drugs that do nothing beyond the placebo effect. It’s awful and they all ought to be ashamed.

Unfortunately, shame isn’t something TV personality Dr. Oz feels easily. He recently tested grocery store apple juices for arsenic levels and determined that there was a dangerous level present. School districts have already taken apple juice off school menus. Parents are alarmed and others are concerned. “Arsenic! Why, that sounds awful! Destroy all the apples!” Except Dr. Oz, a promoter of quackery, failed to distinguish between organic and inorganic arsenic. The former is considered safe at relatively high levels whereas the latter is not. Oz just found the sum total and reported that figure (and, as it turns out, inaccurately anyway). Doctors around the country are calling on Oz to correct his fundamental error. In fact, the FDA sent him this letter before the infamous episode aired:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is aware that EMSL Analytical, Inc. has obtained and tested 50 samples of retail apple juice for total arsenic content on behalf of Zoco Productions. It is our understanding that, based on these test results, you will assert during an upcoming episode of The Dr. Oz Show that apple juice is unsafe because of the amounts of total arsenic found in the samples.

We appreciate that you have made the results of these tests available to us. As we have previously advised you, the results from total arsenic tests CANNOT be used to determine whether a food is unsafe because of its arsenic content. We have explained to you that arsenic occurs naturally in many foods in both inorganic and organic forms and that only the inorganic forms of arsenic are toxic, depending on the amount. We have advised you that the test for total arsenic DOES NOT distinguish inorganic arsenic from organic arsenic.

The FDA has been aware of the potential for elevated levels of arsenic in fruit juices for many years and has been testing fruit juices for arsenic and other elemental contaminants as part of FDA’s toxic elements in foods program. The FDA typically tests juice samples for total arsenic first, because this test is rapid, accurate and cost effective. When total arsenic testing shows that a fruit juice sample has total arsenic in an amount greater than 23 parts per billion (ppb), we re-test the sample for its inorganic arsenic content. The vast majority of samples we have tested for total arsenic have less than 23 ppb. We consider the test results for inorganic arsenic on a case-by-case basis and take regulatory action as appropriate.

The analytical method for inorganic arsenic is much more complicated than the method for total arsenic. You can find the method that FDA uses to test for inorganic arsenic at this web address:


The FDA believes that it would be irresponsible and misleading for The Dr. Oz Show to suggest that apple juice contains unsafe amounts of arsenic based solely on tests for total arsenic. Should The Dr. Oz Show choose to suggest that apple juice is unsafe because of the amounts of total arsenic found by EMSL Analytical, Inc.’s testing, the FDA will post this letter on its website.

People tried to prevent this information from being released. A number of independent labs have confirmed the safety of the apple juice Americans are buying, including the batch tested by Oz. Doctors are calling on Oz to retract his statements. At no point has it been unclear that misinformation and fear is all this quack is spreading. But has that caused Oz to correct his horribly flawed report? Nope:

Tim Sullivan, a spokesman for Oz’s show, said in an interview: “We don’t think the show is irresponsible. We think the public has a right to know what’s in their foods.”

“The position of the show is that the total arsenic needs to be lower,” he said. “We did the tests. We stand by the results and we think the standards should be different.”

What a load of horseshit. The show is obviously irresponsible. It just wants to create a stir because it knows its audience consists of many mothers with young children or grandchildren, many of whom drink apple juice. This is about ratings, pure and simple. Oz’s test was flawed because he did not understand the difference between arsenic types. He should have known that prior to even thinking about doing any tests, he was told as much by the FDA, and now every doctor and lab in the country is telling him again. The fact that he would stand by the horseshit claim that he’s just looking out for the public makes him a piece of shit.

28 Responses

  1. Dammit! You beat me to it. Ah hell, I’ll probably blog about it anyway.

  2. In regards to striking down Dr. Oz…… He has helped so many people in this country. He’s a piece of knowledge and inspiration to all of us.
    Joan A.

  3. He is knowingly spreading misinformation. He can go to hell.

  4. Nicely put. Dr. Oz is a heart surgeon so he does not have the educational background nor experience to be making such claims. Unless there are substantial unbiased proven results to back up these claims, he should not be sprouting whatever he feels like and then calling them valid. As for the rest of the population, do your research and stop thinking that everything you hear is true. I’m not sure whose more of the idiot: Dr. Oz or the people who listen to him.

  5. THANK YOU! This needed to be said… now to spread the word to the unwashed masses.

  6. Those of us in the medical community respect surgeons for the things they can do with a scalpel. But they are like engineers, they don’t actually know much about science and medicine. But Dr. Oz tries to make people think he knows his shit. He doesn’t.

  7. Dr. Oz (it seems wrong even referring to the guy as a doc) is nothing more than a pretentious, douchebag quack who remorselessly panders to the whims of big pharma. His views see-saw depending on who’s endorsing him on any given day. Maybe he should consider a career in acting. His narcissistic, sellout mentality would fit in well with the hollywood crowd. I can’t believe anyone actually respects this cocksmoker. The fact that he’s a TV personality should be enough f an indicator not to take him seriously – but then, there are a lot of dumb people out there.

  8. Has anyone noticed all his picture ads that appear on the sides of the screen? You know, his stupid “miracle pill” ads? Those pictures can really turn your stomach! Yeah, its really a great idea to gross people out to sell your idiotic product. Oz, your an idiot

  9. One of the things I dislike about him the most is that he gives other TV host doctors a bad name. Namely, Sanjay Gupta strikes me as well above board and highly respectable, but I feel his reputation is tainted by virtue of sharing a similar platform with Oz.

  10. He is an example of why all people everywhere deserve to be scientifically literate and be taught critical thinking regularly in public school from a young age. We touched on it one day in grade 7. Not much follow up let me tell ya and I am only 18 so this wasn’t too young ago.

  11. oops meant long ago lol

  12. Dr Oz is also a shill for every snake oil product that jams your spam folder. Perhaps his role in life, like L.R.Hubbard, is to prove the credulity of the masses.

  13. Traditional medicine cannot always help. I found out from my own experience. I have cured all kinds of ailments including severe infections on my own. No doctor could help me and I am free of BV because of my own research.

  14. I blame opra for this doutchbag’s rise to fame

  15. Oz is a quack and it’s only a matter of time that he is totally exposed. He endorses quack faith healer ‘john of god’ (along with Oprah) who claims to cure cancers by sticking forceps up one’s nose. I call it the Vinnie Barbarino ‘Up Your Nose’ surgery. it’s almost too incredible that people actually fall for this!

  16. his show is AWFUL, all the moronic crap and devices..wow.. is America that stupid?? wow.eat smartly, walk, and laugh.. f..k all else

  17. He is a moron. This idiot I work with watches it every day on her lunch hour. She is incredibly gullible and believes everything he says. He is a scourge to t h e medical community and is responsible for all this gluten and soy paranoia in the country

  18. Traditional medicine is a BS! The only can make for you is to give you disease,most of the time later in your life.I speak for every medicine,not only stronger ones and antibiotics.Pain killers are not so innocent also.In my 40’s i was ready to be dead from high blood pressure,and usually i had 210-120.Doctors couldn’t help me at all.They gave to me two different medications for blood pressure and finally i was into the hospital with a pyloris ulcer and let alone the rest of problems made to my body(asthma,uncontrolled perspiration etc).
    When i were out of the hospital i decided to put all my cabinet of medications to the rubbish can.Second i forgot anything about doctors and finally i decided to get my health at my hands.I said to myself or be healthy without medication or i will be dead.I bought a good blood pressure meter and changed my diet and lifestyle.Now at the beginning of my 60’s my blood pressure is usually around 120-70 without any medication.When i say this i mean any medication,not only blood pressure medication but not a baby aspirin for a simple headache.
    I can assure you that now i can’t have a cold at the winter time,i feel so healthy and so young.I do things that i couldn’t do at my 20’s.Unbelievable but truth.I did all the experiments to myself and i am so happy for that decision. If you interested to know how much time i am into ANY medication off,it is more than 14 years now.
    Finally i got the best lesson of my life after all those experiments to myself.That is that aging not make you old.Old you can be when you follow a wrong lifestyle and you get any medications from the traditional medical system.All those pills are nor medications but poisons your system and you will see it little later in your life.
    At the last i would like to ask all those intelligent people here at the conversation who doesn’t accept Dr.Oz and diet changes,why this work for me? Why i got my health back when i stop to take ANY medications?

  19. Name calling aside, you are correct. His diet advice is downright dangerous. His advice on vaccinations, based on discredited studies, is deadly.

  20. ok….now it’s in the rice….right!!!???? BULLSHIT!!! Somebody stop this guy. Dr. Oz is an absolute idiot.

  21. You are frucki g idiot.

  22. People come on this comment board and make very vague, broad references to slam Dr. Oz, Andreas Moritz and others without really researching or trying anything these people are talking about, to SEE if their suggestions really work. In fact, everything that is claimed to be backed by science is never supported with science. science toxifies, pollutes and destroys people and the world as a whole. I’ve worked with hard-core scientists who have explained to me that there is nothing exact about science, which in my own studies I already knew. Working with them, I saw these scientists guessing at everything they did, every day they did it. So, science is not to be trusted at all. Science is everything but science. It is one hypothesis after another – – which in the true sense of the word is just guess, guess, guess. This is why cancer is never solved. We have put solving cancer in the hands of those who don’t even know what causes it. This would be like taking your car to Burger King and asking them to fix it. Not going to happen. We should be taking our cancer/tumor problems to those who really know what is wrong. Scientists blast naturopath’s because their industry, as a whole, feels threatened financially. But, just about every month that rolls around, a new book, by a new M.D. comes out disclaiming traditional medicine because it doesn’t work. It never has healed or cured, it’s just an evil system kills. Doctors don’t like life, they like death. But not even doctors who get cancer can save themselves. What a surprise! M.D.’s are coming out in droves to explain WHY science is NOT the answer to cancer, enzymatic therapy, metabolic issues, digestive disorders, preventative solutions and vital immune system support. What is one of the most ironic facts about modern M.D.’s? They are inhumane. They do not practice the Hypocratic Oath; moreover, they practice the hypocritical oath supported by wealth, medical-school knowledge, and the will to build big medical facilities at ALL costs. So, the logic here is: as long as I, the egotistical, mainical M.D., can go in to work every day and just give out drugs, the world is in good hands. Oh, how gullable society is. It worships Doctors who don’t help people avoid pain and suffering; doctors who support pain and suffering for hospital patients and ALL, ONLY, because they THINK they have corners on the markets, hospitals, clinics and emergency rooms. This is why hospitals grow like weeds. Even Barack heard the cries of the medical industry to try to shut out the chiropractors, naturopath’s and holistic practitioners. Be aware and forwarned scientists: your own people(M.D.’s) – – not naturopaths – – are in a serious process of destroying the medical industry. You will not be able to stop them either. The whole industry will be completely turned upside down and reprogrammed to suit the concerns of the M.D.’s who have awakened from their deceptive practices and seen the fallacies of their ways. Cures based in common sense, plant sources and wonderful enzymatic solutions are the future of “medicine” as we know it. We only need medical machines to keep people alive. Eventually this machines will be replaced with preventative care that does not require machines. An M.D. friend of mine told me thirty years ago that cancer already had cures, apparently not true, but because zillions of dollars of industry plans, they could not reveal those cures. He told me caffeine is the number one cause of stomach cancer. Then he told me transfats(partially hydrogenated/synthetic oils) were the main cause for clogged arteries and premature heart attacks. He also had no solution to fix my wife’s ailing hands and arms. She went to a chiroprator who fixed her problem right away, without a painful cortisone shot. So, for all the pessimists who bash naturopathic solutions, keep on bashing away. But in due time, your own M.D.’s are going to fix all these issues as the public becomes more educated and demanding of the truth. By the way, Andreas Moritz is NOT dead. He is very alive. He never actually died. He’s just in a place you will never find him. His work and Dr. Oz’s will live forever.

  23. Apple juice is horrible for kids. Its nothing but sugar, water, and a small amount of apple juice. Same for milk. Humans need to eat fruit and drink water. This is why Americans are fat and lazy.

  24. By that logic, apples are horrible for kids since they’re mostly sugar and water.

    Both apples and apple juice have vitamins and minerals in them that are good for kids.

  25. he’s a suddo. ego maniac doctor just kike many of them except this asshole has a TV show .iam sure that does help keep him humble

  26. Yes Dr oz is an idiot he lies. He is only in it for it the money I swear to god. Very rarely do I watch his show, but once in awhile I’ll check it out, what a joke he is! I can’t believe people actually believe him

  27. Not condoning the las vagas tragedy. However the Dr Oz show on October 5th was shocking to me. It sounded like he was indicating that all people who are withdrawn, angry, unsociable are signs of a future killer. Really… How many millions of sick, depressed, disabled people fit this distinction. What a joke. On top of this he suggests that we actively report these common behaviors to the authorities. Again REALLY!!! When will people get that you cant regulated safety to all people all the time. This country and probably most of the world is ruled by fear and those who spread fear and shamefully intentionally actively agressivly persue fame and fortune through horrible tragedies that occur at random for no rhyme or reason. Maybe the Las Vegas tragedy could have been avoided, maybe not. However the point is that until we have chips in our bodies that can read all our minds, life can be dangerous and yes people we love do die. Many before their time senselessly. Is it really worth giving up our freedom to try to save everyone from everything? There are so many other tragedies we never give much weight. Think about this for a minute. Health care for example. Insurance companies. Government. How many lies and policies of these organizations cause early human terminations yet most of us except that without much more than thank god im ok. These organizations literally get away with well u know what I mean. So really why I wrote this comment, which by the way I never do, In a nut shell I’m sick and tired of the hypocrisy and fearmongering by those whom should know better. And if the don’t they shouldn’t be given the opportunity to influence mass amounts of people with aweful advise.

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