Push up bras for small breasts, you say?

I’ve been offered a potentially very lucrative deal:


I would like to know if you are interested in purchasing the domain name bestpushupbraforsmallbreasts.com (View Domain). Based on your contact information I see that you own forthesakeofscience.com, correct?

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Thank you,

If this domain is not of interest, simply reply to this email with your industry category and keywords and I can respond with available domains.

1040 Hosbrook Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45236

I suppose breasts and bras bear a correlation that requires quantitative measurements, so I can see the connection to science. And I’m always looking to boost my cred with feminists, so what better way than to become a peddler of spammy bra links that strongly implies there’s something wrong with small breasts?

6 Responses

  1. It’s all because of those blue footed boobies

  2. I have no problem with small ones. I do however have a problem with false advertisement i.e. padded bras.

  3. Do feminists wear bras now? Weren’t they burning them at one point? Which wave is this?

  4. Nate, third wave feminism is all about not caring about what the media and other people say you should wear, but recognizing how you can make yourself look good to you. So, heels are ok. It’s, uh, a thing?

  5. Let me make sure I understand that correctly. You mean:

    “Rabble, rabble. Rabble. Rabble rabble rabble.”

    That’s exactly what I thought about our latest crop of so called feminists.

  6. In case anyone is interested, I have also been offered the domain bestbraforsaggingbreasts.com.

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